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This is a video describing how the process of science does not follow the  normal linear process that is usually... see more

Hormones influence the growth and develop of organisms such as whether individuals become male or female. Hormones are... see more

Metabolism is the sum of all the biochemical pathways in the cell. Catabolic pathways break down complex molecules to... see more

Although food has been broken down into individual molecules by the time it reaches a cell, cells still need to deal with... see more

Bacterial DNA is packaged into a single chromosome that is a continuous loop. In both cases, the DNA must be folded or... see more

This animation shows how amoebas and other organisms use cytoplasmic streaming to engulf food or for movement, and the... see more

In this work, a 2.5-million-neuron model of the brain (called “Spaun”) is presented that bridges this gap by exhibiting... see more

This is the Mycology lecture section of a much larger site with other detailed lectures. These other lectures provide... see more

This video goes into detaisl on how the immunohistochemistry. Immunohistochemistry or IHC staining refers to the process... see more

Biosearch Technologies' standalone video describing the mechanism behind Stellaris RNA FISH. Stellaris FISH (fluorescence... see more

This amazing animation, developed with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, shows exactly what happens when... see more

An interesting and extreamly educational animation of the steps of cellular repsiration.

Storyline Online is an awesome site for those who teach childhood education classes. This site is sponsored by the... see more

An interactive "enchanted book," this learning object designed to accompany the "Power of Poison" exhibit in the Natural... see more

The Mendelian Monohybrid Cross This video offers a description of the monohybrid (single trait) controlled cross... see more

A short educational animated film that introduces the study of semiotics

From Web site: "Pixar in a Box is designed to help students answer an age old question: "why do I need to learn this... see more

3D Gallery Template is a tool that allows users to create an animated museum exhibit of 10 artifacts. Users generate... see more

Describes the process for picking a research topic for a class assisgnment.

This two minute video explains what a citation is, why to cite, and the general principles involved with citing sources. 

Welcome to, where your organization can easily and quickly author and administer training content, tests, and... see more