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This module provides students the opportunity to "explore silver nanoparticles and their effectiveness against bacterial... see more

This experiment will demonstrate the heat that is released when iron is oxidized. Students will learn to prepare chemical... see more

This learning activity shows how "differences in composition can drastically affect the properties of balls that look... see more

This lab experiment "uses a piece of galvanized metal to quantify the loss of atoms during a chemical reaction." A piece... see more

This classroom module will help students understand "how a polymer based multilayered coating method can be used to... see more

This lesson from Illuminations helps students see connections between mathematics and other disciplines, such as... see more

This lesson plan looks at changes in temperature, and how one adjusts to keep the body comfortable during different times... see more

This lesson plan from the Alliance to Save Energy is intended to help students understand how much electricity they use... see more

This lesson plan will help students understand their own role in the larger picture of energy consumption. The material... see more

This lesson plan turns students into amateur building inspectors. They will analyze the energy efficiency of a home, and... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations uses the model of the orbits of Mars and Earth relative to the sun to illustrate... see more

This activity, from the Real World Learning Objects Resource Library, helps students estimate the circumference of the... see more

This interdisciplinary lesson ties earth science concepts in with algebra. The forest-fire danger rating index is applied... see more

This math unit from Illuminations includes 4 lessons which use iteration, recursion and algebra to model and analyze a... see more

This lesson uses data from the Center for Disease Control to give students experience with the Chi-Square Statistic.... see more

This geometry unit from Illuminations will help students learning about symmetry and rotation in figures and patterns.... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations asks students to draw two line segments through a point on the diagonal of a... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations uses squares to represent equivalences involving square- and cube-roots. Students... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations presents the Triangle Classification problem. Students will attempt to classify... see more

This geometry lesson, one in a series of lessons on symmetries from Illuminations, looks at glide reflection. Glide... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations investigates translations and their properties. The material will help students... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations aids students in the transition from using two-column proofs to paragraph-style... see more