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Created by author Scott A. Sinex, this is a twelve page tutorial that explores the liner models via Excel spreadsheets.... see more

Created by Alan Heckert and James Filliben, this page, part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... see more

This page, created by the Department of Biology at Colby College, is a guide to writing and using statistics in the field... see more

This site, hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles' Department of Statistics, contains links to documents... see more

Created by Kyle Siegrist of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, this is an online, interactive lesson on hypothesis... see more

This collection of applets, created by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is designed illustrate key concepts described in... see more

Promotes the development of Bayesian statistical theory and its application to problems in science, industry and... see more

This site shows the International Statistical Institutes alphabetical list of technical terms showing the translation in... see more

A project of the International Association of Statistics Education (IASE). After a first phase of the project led by the... see more

This introduction to cryptography is a collection of applets including: "Let's Make A Deal," "Let's Make a Deal II,"... see more

This collection of free, interactive Java applets provides a graphical interface for studying the power of the most... see more

This collection of applets, created by authors Stefan Michiels and Bert Raeymaekers, simulate many different statistical... see more

JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts, it includes: pie charts (2D and 3D), bar charts (regular... see more

This applet, created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, allows students to explore three methods for... see more

This page, created by David Howell of the University of Vermont, is a collection of examples, demonstrations, and... see more

This free statistical modeling software designed by Causasientia is to be used for the Macintosh. The software performs... see more

This workbook has been generated to be used alongside the following Mathematic course created by

The Global Change Master Directory is a very large directory to Earth science data and services. Users can search for... see more

This site offers links to a multitude of data tables in pdf format. Topics include national trends in injury,... see more

This collection of online analysis tools allows users to compute probabilities from various distributions and to generate... see more

This site, created by Andrew G. Dean, Roger A. Mir and Kevin Sullivan of Open, contains calculators for... see more

This resource is an independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. The site gives examples of... see more

This site offers a list of sample questions that can be used when teaching basic probability concepts, probability... see more

Created by the University of California , Los Angeles, this site contains links to journals on probability and statistics... see more