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This is the MERLOT Computer Science Community Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The Computer... see more

This is the MERLOT Communication Sciences and Disorders Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The... see more

This is the MERLOT Chemistry Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The Chemistry community catalogs... see more

This is the MERLOT Business Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The Business community catalogs... see more

This is the MERLOT Biology Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The Biology community catalogs open... see more

This is the MERLOT Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning.... see more

The Journal of Media Literacy Education is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that supports... see more

These websites check the veracity of websites, particularly for news.

Fake viral images have become a hallmark of the Internet. But if we look back through history, it's possible to find fake... see more

The ability to identify logical fallacies in the arguments of others, and to avoid them in one’s own arguments, is both... see more

The “Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Library” project investigates youth data literacy in the context of... see more

As of today (Feb. 7, 2017) The Met has adopted an open access policy making more than 375,000 public domain works in the... see more

This American Library Association wiki lists information literacy standards, resources for different types of libraries... see more

For over 15 years, BioMed Central has been a world leader in making open access, peer-reviewed, scientific research... see more

The Network of Law and Justice Faculty is an affiliate of the Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education. The... see more is a platform dedicated to making early versions of research inputs available, including original research... see more

Open Pedagogy promotes high-quality research and best practice(s). Google for Education is partnering with organizations... see more

SlideWiki aims to exploit the wisdom, creativity, and productivity of the crowd for the creation of qualitative, rich,... see more

This community college library guide lists sites to help students evaluate news sources, and suggests assignments on... see more

This library guide from the University of Washington provides several tools for identifying fake news and evaluating... see more

ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together. Since its... see more

This resource gives recommendations for finding, evaluating, and citing information sources online; for learning about... see more

This program, by the California Department of Education, provides career development information and resources to support... see more

This academic library website lists articles about evaluating sources, and gives specific evaluation  strategies for... see more