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Professor James Stacey Taylor of the College of New Jersey discusses the contributions of philosopher and economist Adam... see more

Professor James Stacey Taylor of the College of New Jersey discusses the contributions of philosopher Francis Hutcheson... see more

What is mercantilism? How did economics contribute to rising tensions between the North and the South in the years before... see more

Have you ever stopped to think about the incredible risks the Founding Founders took when they rebelled against British... see more

What if there were no prices? How would you use available resources? In this video, Professor Howard Baetjer Jr. of... see more

This thought experiment, based on an essay by Professor Thomas Nagel, Philosopher at New York University, encourages... see more

Today people often believe that classical liberalism is all about free market economics, but according to Dr. Stephen... see more

Professor Matt Zwolinski of the explains philosopher Peter Singer's drowning child thought experiment and explains why... see more

The United States was founded on the principles of natural rights, equality, and classical republicanism, but how well... see more

According to Professor Aeon Skoble of Bridgewater State University, the word “value” has very different meanings for... see more

Paradoxically, while natural disasters clearly destroy wealth, they also seem to create wealth and employment when the... see more

Do you think that a majority vote is always the fairest way to reach a consensus? Think again! In this video, Professor... see more

This presentation by Martin Fowler starts by giving a definition of software architecture from a pragmatic standpoint.... see more

In this presentation, Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) describes Test Driven Development (TDD). He starts by introducing it... see more

This is an interactive self-paced interactive modue for nursing students. This module aids in understanding the... see more

A brief but interesting podcast giving an overview of the CRISPR techonology, the potential impacts on our world, with... see more

Robin Farr's 15 minute TedX talk honestly details her journey through postpartum depression over the course of three... see more

Sepsis recognition and interventions for nurses to help the spetic patient.



This is an exploration of Lagrange Multipliers that includes the definitions, applications, and motivation behind... see more