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Applet and tutorial on the effect on the motion of a particle as it passes through two regions of differing potential.

Applet simulates a collision between two masses, which are varied by the user. The user is tested on their understanding,... see more

An extensive text discussion of the basic principles of work and energy.

An applet for demonstrating projectile motion. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet demonstrates the motion of two objects in regards to a chase.

A Java applet for demonstrating linear motion with regards to two objects moving at different speeds and accelerations.

This applet provides a simulation of an oscillator damped by friction. The initial position and the coefficient of... see more

This highly interactive Exploriment iPad App lets you explore the effect of gravity on weight and mass on different... see more

An interactive applet for simulating various combinations of the block/plane problem.

Applet plots the time dependence of a body acted upon only by the force of gravity. Extensive explanatory text included.

A Java applet demonstrating acceleration (deceleration).

This java applet show you how to use the law of reflection (for optics) in playing pool.

This applet illustrates elastic collisions of two point masses. The masses are set equal to each other. You can view the... see more

This Exploriments iPad app for verifying Archimedes Principle provides a very comprehensive, interactive and visual... see more

Shockwave simulation of linear acceleration and forces, air resistance, and weight.

A Java applet for simulating projectile motion.

A set of simple computer aided demonstrations for conveying linear motion.

A tutorial and applet showing the most general solutions to projectile motion, as related to basketball.

Applet draws the position-versus-time plot of an object that is dragged across the screen by the user.

Applet demonstrates the oscillatory motion of a particle in a potential energy well. The force acting on the particle is... see more

Projectile motion Java applet with air resistance included.

Illustrates physical principles by simulating a race between two balls on different shaped tracks. Can change lower track... see more

A Java applet for demonstrating basic traffic flow, reaction times in braking, and importance of following distance,... see more

Would you like to measure your reation time? Would you like to estimate how fast you can drive on the highway?