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This interactive tutorial focuses on medical errors. The stated learning objectives are: Summarize the components of the... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on the concept of nonpunitive reporting of errors in the healthcare setting. The stated... see more

The site is part of a larger collection on human anatomy. This particular link gives cross sections from the visible... see more

This learning object outlines the proper guideines for nurses communicating with someone whose primary language is... see more

Discusses health disparities between Black and white Americans, including origins, current statistics (2007), and ways... see more

This  website provides an interactive tutorial and a narrated presentation for teaching patients about the diagnosis and... see more

In this highly interactive object, learners read client case studies and then select the vaccines that are appropriate to... see more

A five minute interactive introduction to evidence-based medicine and PICO.

This is a tutorial to assist students studying nursing to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software.

Tutorials and quizzes covering "the basic anatomy and physiology of the respiratory organs, primarily the lungs, lung... see more

To quote the site: "The purpose of this site is to teach microscopists morphological criteria required to differentiate... see more

Power Point show about the structure and function of the neuroanatomical system for light/ discriminative touch including... see more

This is a collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying relevant evidence for better health care... see more

This website is a tutorial that explains the basics of cancer and mutations.  It is a simple introduction to what cancer... see more

An excellent site that provides information on eleven of the common communicable diseases. The site provides slide,... see more

Entertaining powerpoint slide show covering pharmacology of the neuromuscular blockers

Following the Medical Council of Ireland requirement to develop reflection in medical students, University College Dublin... see more

A five-minute interactive introduction to evidence-based medicine.

This website is well designed and contains 4 content areas for study by high school students. This learning unit... see more

Tibial plateau fractures represent a complex injury to the knee. At our institution, these fractures are classified by... see more

This interactive online learning resource is designed to assist the learner with acid-base balance interpretation. The... see more

This learning resource is chapter 1 of an open textbook developed for OER Africa.  It  includes case studies. Adult HIV... see more

This learning resource is chapter 5 of an open textbook developed for OER Africa.  It  includes case studies. Adult HIV... see more

Learners examine the anatomical parts of the lungs. Key Words: anatomy, lungs, health assessment.