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Portfolio for CSPEC Internship: Ashlyn Press Summer 2016

A breif overview of my internship experience with the Pitt County Health Department for my MPH Applied Field Placement... see more

World History Course that Heightens Student Engagement

This webpage shows the process and results of a remedial mathematics course redesign with technology. 

CPPME has redesigned several bottleneck ME courses such as statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodyanics, strength of... see more

Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Outcomes for Fresno State

ePortfolio on Engineering Graphics & CADD course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, California State... see more

This ePortfolio describes the redesign of COMM 150: Oral Communication at California State University, Los Angeles. The... see more

This course examines the importance of society, environment and location in the use, management and quality and of... see more

This is the ePortflio showing the results of my Course Redesign with Technology implemented during the 2015-2016 academic... see more


Developmental mathematics takes up temporal and financial resourses. We have tried to present an approach to... see more

This is a discussion about designing a hybrid class for a Writing Across the Curriculum composition class. 

Results of using a 3d printer to enhance Calculus III.

    This project examines the use of hybrid online learning and multimedia tools as a pedagogical approach for developing... see more

Principles of Marketing Course Redesign to Include Active Experiential Learning, Student Co-Design, and A Ripped from the... see more