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This article offers a description of the activities involved in the The Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment... see more

This web page contains Jeffery M. Saul's doctoral dissertation. Users may click on links to view each chapter. This... see more

This document summarizes a session, held at the 2002 Physics Education research conference, that was designed to... see more

This is a selected list of resources for those who want to examine with a skeptical eye some of the claims at the fringes... see more

Andes is an intelligent problem-solving tutor for classical physics education. Andes allows students to solve physics... see more

Increased primary and secondary student enrollment, recent expansion of secondary technology education programs, teacher... see more

How are math, art, music, and language intertwined? How does intelligent behavior arise from its component parts? Can... see more

This seminar will investigate the expression of gradability, comparison and degree in natural language. The course will... see more

This course is the second of the three parts of our graduate introduction to semantics. The others are 24.970... see more

Many details of phonetic realization cannot be predicted from standard phonological representations on a... see more

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of modeling phonology, with an empirical focus on modeling the... see more

This course is a study of speech sounds: how we produce and perceive them and their acoustic properties. It explores the... see more

This course focuses on phonological phenomena that are sensitive to morphological structure, including base-reduplicant... see more

This course presents a comparison of different proposed architectures for the syntax module of grammar. The subject... see more

This course is the third and final part of our graduate introduction to semantics. The other two classes are 24.970... see more

The course introduces formal theories of context-dependency, presupposition, implicature, context-change, focus and... see more

This course is a detailed investigation of the major issues and problems in the study of lexical argument structure and... see more

This course is a continuation of 24.951. This semester the course topics of interest include movement, phrase structure,... see more

This course is concerned with the concepts and principles which have been of central significance in the recent... see more

This seminar focuses on reading and discussion of current linguistic theory, first language acquisition and language... see more

This course is a detailed examination of the grammar of Japanese and its structure which is significantly different from... see more

This course is designed to allow participants to engage in the exploration of the grammatical structure of a language... see more

This course provides an overview of the distinctive features which distinguish sound categories of languages of the... see more

This course will investigate the semantics of generic sentences, i.e., sentences that are used to talk about habits,... see more