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A nanosensor technology has been developed using single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) on a pair of interdigitated... see more

This seminar will review the development of a comprehensive nanoelectronic modeling tool (NEMO), its algorithm and theory... see more

For many of us, analyzing a semiconductor device means computing its I-V characteristics, determine its circuit speed,... see more

We have developed a self-consistent atomistic simulator for CNTFETs. Using the simulator, we show that a recently... see more

PADRE is a 2D/3D simulator for electronic devices, such as MOSFET transistors. It can simulate physical structures of... see more

This seminar will review the principles of parallel code development and the science of three different nanotechnology... see more

The photon is the ultimate unit of information because it packages data in a signal of zero mass and has unmatched speed.... see more

PN Junction Lab - Everything you need to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices. Edit the doping... see more

In recent years, substantial progress has occurred in the field of molecular electronics [1]. In this paper, charge... see more

The PROPHET simulator is a framework to solve systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) in time and 1, 2, or 3... see more

Size quantization is an important effect in modern scaled devices. Due to the cost and limitations of available full... see more

This tutorial will provide an overview of electronic structure calculations from a chemist's perspective. This will... see more

Quantum dots can be produced in a variety of material systems and geometries. This simple educational tool simulates the... see more

Electrons moving in a conductor can transfer momentum to the lattice via collisions with impurities and boundaries,... see more

An earlier animation described how "Quantum-dot Cellular Automata" (QCAs) could serve as memory cells and wires. This... see more

Scientists and engineers are looking for completely different ways of storing and analyzing information. Quantum-dot... see more

The multiple challenges presented by the problem of scaling transistor sizes are all related to the fact that transistors... see more

Heterostructure devices have thin layers of alternating materials. Some layers act as barriers to electron flow, but if... see more