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Esta actividad ilustra cómo se utilizan las ondas sísmicas para determinar la magnitud de un terremoto y para localizar... see more

great pictures of specific mineral specimens, flame coloration tests and others.

This website has useful information for both student discovery and teacher preparation for lectures or discussions. The... see more

Try out the geologic time machine! This is a great site for both teachers and students to travel through geologic time... see more

This site from Drexel University, offers an explanation of how density and water displacement aimed to solve the mystery... see more

This is a powerpoint on the rock cycle and the three types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.

In this role-playing scenario, students represent townspeople whose lives and livelihoods are endangered by an active... see more

The story of plate tectonics. Covers the historical perspective, developing the theory, and understanding plate motions.... see more

An excellent resource and case study on types and effects of volcano eruptions. Beautiful labeled diagram of a volcano... see more

Sorry, but you're not likely to find that special someone here, because this is an interactive exercise about Geologic... see more

Ever since lava first erupted above sea level over 500,000 years ago to begin building the Island of Hawai`i, countless... see more

This is a free, online wikibook, so its contents are continually being updated and refined.  According to the authors,... see more

The emphasis of this course is to use Trace Element Geochemistry to understand the origin and evolution of igneous rocks.... see more

Make a Quake is an interactive computer program designed to explain what kind of damage occurs during an earthquake to... see more

Felt an earthquake? Check it out and see. Use as a reserch site to see the Earth is a dynamic place to live. Shows even... see more

Excellent resource for gemstone/mineral information.

Web site about plate tectonic processes. Contains links, animations, and ablility to change levels of difficulty, also... see more

In this activity, students will identify an assemblage of fossils, determine their age, evaluate the fossil population,... see more

In this activity, students construct a magnetometer from a magnet and a spring balance and use it to locate buried... see more

In this evolution lesson, two sets of simulated fossils (caminalcules) are provided as cutouts. Students arrange them on... see more

A site with a collection of science experiments for kids to perform and learn about testing stream/creek water to... see more