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Demonstration of a transverse wave and longitudinal wave.

This is an animation of a comparator with noisy input voltage. The device compares the voltages and switches to the... see more

A Flash animation of Archimedes's Principle.

This is an animation of a bridge rectifier circuit or diode bridge. Voltages and parts of the circuit of this 3-D... see more

This is an animation of a capacitor-filtered half-wave rectifier circuit or buck converter. Voltages and parts of the... see more

The effect of the commutator is to produce a fixed spatial distribution of current directions in the armature conductors... see more

One of many physlets by Wolfgang Christian. Demonstrates the Doppler effect at three different speeds.

A short movie of the Moon moving through the Earth’s shadow, and how it appears from Earth. This requires Flash player.

This visualization shows the energy eigenfunctions for a 2D infinite square well potential. The visualization allows the... see more

An animated gif that shows what happens when a loop is pushed into a magnetic field. There are graphs that are created as... see more

This visualization shows two-particle energy eigenfunctions and probability densities for a 1D infinite square well... see more

A flash animation of forces. Graphical and physical animation.

This java applet shows the free-body force diagram for a block on an inclined plane. THe frictional force, the incline... see more

This animation shows the spreading of a Gaussian wave packet describing a free quantum particle, and allows the user to... see more

physics HTML5 animations relevant for grad students. Can run on all devices -  PC, mobile, ipad, etc..

You-Tube videos of "Geometry of Circles" resource that is beautiful to watch and provides a pleasant listening... see more

This animated gif illustrates the changing voltages a conventional inverting amplifier when it receives input from a... see more

The magnetic force of the ions can be compared to a pinball machine with three different masses. If the same impulse is... see more

A Keynote Presentation exported to a clickable quicktime movie. This presentation demonstrates how to solve an electric... see more