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This applet serves to introduce the logic of hypothesis testing using z-scores.

A collection of algebra lessons and related applications to enhance student motivation for learning.

: This web site was extremely useful in my report on Mayan numeration. This site provides great information on Mayan... see more

This site presents the decision- analysis process for both public and private decision-making, using different decision... see more

This website has great resources for Lesson Topics and examples for Earth and Space Science, Biology, Medicine,... see more

Este sitio amplía las relaciones unidireccionales existentes entre los sistemas lineales que solucionan ecuaciones,... see more

This video was recorded at International Conference on Applied Statistics 2011. Time to pregnancy is the duration from a... see more

An introduction to the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio.

The sitcom, "The Simpsons" "contains over a hundred instances of mathematics ranging from arithmetic to geometry to... see more

Information and sample tests on syllogisms.

A down-to-earth and light-hearted illustration of the use of the p-value in statistics. A four minute youtube clip with... see more

This site provides an extensive and cross-linked chronology of the value of pi, including recent computer-based... see more

This is pretty much what it says it is. This course is written in a lively and engaging style. It starts with elementary... see more

A selection of research and teaching presentations, including pdf presentations, audio podcasts and movies.

A selection of Dr Feinstein's teaching presentations

Mathematics program for all ages and catagories

A second semester calculus demonstration video of integrating rational functions involving sine and cosine. The Karl... see more

This site provides a photo of the enigmatic Kryptos Sculpture at the CIA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as a... see more

Este sitio presenta una metodología para la construcción de regiones de sensibilidad de programación lineal (PL). A... see more

This video was recorded at Workshop on Methods of Data Analysis in Computational Neuroscience and Brain Computer... see more

El aprendizaje con la asistencia del computador es una colección de experimentación y simulación utilizando paquetes de... see more

This video was recorded at Pascal Workshop and Pascal Challenge: Type I and type II errors for Multiple Simultaneous... see more

This video was recorded at Conference honoring the Winners of the Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowships 2008 and 2011.... see more