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A You tube video that shows the drive from the station to a house fire. Video shows much of the exterior attack and the... see more

NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) requires that  every healthcare occupancy have written copies of a plan for the protection in... see more

You Tube video illustating a public education approach at Sienna College

Straw bales hve been increasingly used a construction material. That usage may increase due to superior insulating... see more

This page containes links to a lot of specialized firefighter safety resources.

From the Fire Engineering YouTube Channel a training video for supplemental fire fighter skill training  

"It is just after 7a.m. on a hot, humid Saturday. Recent weather has been warm and dry. The wind is coming from the South... see more

"INFERNO ON THE 9TH FLOOR An explosion and fire tore through the 9th floor of Hartford Hospital, killing 16. The... see more

This is a short animation describing and showing how fire sprinklers operate.

A home should have a smoke alarm on every level, and each bedroom should have a smoke alarm that is close enough to wake... see more

PAGE 12 of the PDF.  "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that 11 named storms will develop... see more

Three iron dust fires in 2011 fatally injure 5 workers in Gallatin, TN.    

"Mike Ciampo is back with a new truck company video that demonstrates the coffin cut, an expandable roof cut for vertical... see more

This is an applied research project theat was submitted as an Executive Fire Officer Paper to the National Fire Academy.... see more

No Place to Hang Out" tells the tragic story of Devon Byrd and Wade White, two Mississippi teenagers who were killed... see more

A collection of articles from Larry Bennett's newsletters reporting key legal decisions affecting the fire service. Larry... see more

"OSHA's new rule, effective Feb. 13, 2008, may require some fire & EMS departments to purchase firefighter gloves, SCBA... see more

The physics of sailing From Physclips: Mechanics with animations and film.

Traditions Training instructor Danny Doyle (Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire) offers some tips on "tactical nozzle work" for... see more

Flames and heat get quite a bit of attention. Flames showing from a couple of windows are sure to increase a firefighters... see more

One of the largest loss of life fires ever to occur in the U.S. happened in 1908 at the Rhodes Opera House in Boyertown,... see more

Public Service Announcement (PSA) for use of smoke detectors.

US Chemical Safety Board video on static sparks and safety related to flammable liquids and static electricity

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) promotes practice that improves emergency prevention and emergency response,... see more