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This page gives four steps to help a person become happier.  The steps are: give complements, power pose, smile, and... see more

This is where we arrive as the best write my assignment cheap UK specialist that not only commits, but also delivers the... see more

Best of the Web Directory/Blogs is an easy way to find interesting websites not always listed by traditional search... see more

Lesson focuses on the concept of Biomimicry and students learn how engineers have incorporated structures and methods... see more

Lesson focuses on aerospace engineering and how space flight has been achieved from an engineering vantage point.... see more

Sherlock Holmes delighted in saying ‘It’s elementary, my dear Watson’. This lesson provides a brief overview of how... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering behind big wheels (sometimes called Ferris wheels). Teams of students explore the... see more

Develop a robot arm using common materials. Students will explore design, construction, teamwork, and materials selection... see more

This lesson requires students to research a country of their choosing and present the finding to class. The goal is to... see more

Lesson focuses on how canoes, which have been hand built for centuries, have been impacted by engineered materials and... see more

Lesson explores chemical engineering and explores how the processes of chemical plating and electroplating have impacted... see more

This lesson was an idea that I came up with for teaching capitalization to my first graders.  Right now, there writing... see more

Lesson focuses on how technology and engineering impact society, and how poll-taking has been influenced by engineering... see more

This is a lesson plan directed towards High School students who are learning how to participate in classroom discussions.

Lesson focuses on unique challenges in transportation engineering, such as devising a method for skiers or hikers to get... see more

Lesson focuses on how mathematic models help to solve real problems and are realized in computers. Students work in teams... see more

Constructivism in an instructional design classroom

Constructivism in an instructional design classroom

Boolean logic is essential to understanding computer architecture. It is also useful in program construction and... see more

Lesson focuses on how engineers and others have developed and improved the manufacturing of recycled paper. Students work... see more

Lesson focuses on developing a working model of a nail clipper.

How Collaboration leadsto educational engagement in students