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Being a Teacher: Professional Challenges and Choices. Section Seven | Making a difference. What essential qualities do... see more

Being a Teacher: Professional Challenges and Choices. Being a Teacher: Section Three, Teaching as a profession. The... see more

Google Sketch-up, Design Technology.

Site for spelling, definition, thesaurus, encyclopedia and web.

The Practitioner Research and Evaluation Skills Training (PREST) series is published by COL in collaboration with the... see more

Lots of links on the common material of water. Very kid friendly site with some great factoids.

Cooperative Learning Activity - information on remedial writing

Form used in EPIEM mateials to review websites

KidSolve? provides experienced personnel to conduct training events for teachers ranging from familiarization with... see more

As its title suggests, Learners and Learning is a module that addresses most directly the central, core business of... see more

In this module we have argued for a constructivist approach to teaching and learning. But in doing so, we have warned... see more

This section will explore the relationship between learners, text, and the world. We will find out how textbooks are... see more

This covers the writers’ understanding of learning and how this informs the learning guide. It also explains how the... see more

In Section Three we will build on these ideas with special reference to schooling. In particular, we want to focus on the... see more

Section Two begins to focus on how we learn in greater detail. In particular, it explores the following question: "How is... see more

" Lecturas Paso a Paso" This site which is also available through the online services "Centro Virtual Cervantes " of the... see more

Solid website from NASA/JPL. Description is as follows: Basics of Space Flight is a tutorial designed primarily to help... see more

Very good �computerized� voice in French. Spanish voice is even better. Is called �READSPEAKER� You choose the... see more

This booklet was first developed in 2004, shortly after the introduction of the Revised National Curriculum Statement in... see more

Form used for reporting on EPIEM activities