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This workshop explains ICT literacy and its importance. It covers ICT literacy standards and representative MERLOT... see more

Forcing users to browse PDF files makes usability approximately 300% worse compared to HTML pages. Only use PDF for... see more

"Studies of how users read on the Web found that they do not actually read: instead, they scan the text. A study of five... see more

This is the site of a bi-weekly email column by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, principal, Nielsen Norman Group, and a recognized... see more

The D2L Instructor Quick Reference Application that I first mentioned at Fusion 2010 is now available for download from... see more

"Objectives describe what learners will be able to do at the end of instruction, and they provide clear reasons for... see more

The author, Clark Quinn,will be giving an upcoming webinar where he makes his case for defining microlearning.  And, as... see more

This web site is dedicated to simple video-related software that lets computer users do several useful things with... see more

List of 100 suggested performance terms that represent actions that are observable and measurable. Although similar to... see more

The authors of this paper, M. D. Roblyer and Leticia Ekhaml, published in the Online Journal of Distance Learning... see more

This design note discusses the benefits of printed material over online displayed text.

This is a wiki-book that provides information on a large number of instuctional design models.  As a wiki, it is... see more

Online course about how to teach well online fro Sally Kuhlenschmidt at Western kentucky University.

This is a collection of resources for faculty in a system of 32 state universities and two year colleges. Based on... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Professor and Course Director of neuroscience created this video with the YouTube Video Editor... see more

Site provides a table showing verbs appropriate for cognitive domains: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,... see more

'Online Learning (formerly JALN) promotes the development and dissemination of new knowledge at the intersection of... see more

This was presented by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal at the 2016 International Education Conference in Orlando, FL on 4 January 2016 in... see more

August 2016 - This link was updated. Since traditional faculty peer review forms are no longer sufficient for reviewing... see more

This page links to Cool Quiz Genius, a web site that serves as shareware allowing WebCT users to take quizzes that they... see more

This information explosion has got me thinking. When we want a particular piece of information, we have to search for... see more

Circumventricular Organs (System) have been well studied, starting with Paul Ehrlich work with Trypan Blue in 1882, and... see more

This is a demonstration of the steps of performing a Lumbar Puncture on a Gaumard Scientific Trainer. We have been using... see more

Similar to many institutions, faculty at the University of Michigan struggled to find ways to recognize faculty and/or... see more