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The site provides links to resources for teaching music in K-12 or university levels. The links include other links to... see more

This site offers live an international array of live radio, TV, music, and Webcam throughout the world.

The Day of the Dead WebQuest teaches students about the cultural and religious influences that created this holiday which... see more

The materials are designed for college level students but can be used successfully at other levels. The site also... see more

The website was created as a learning unit for students of Spanish at the intermediate level. Activities can be done as... see more

A gallery of video clips on current events in Spain. The site includes an archive of video clips from previous months.

A Spanish dictionary that is useful for finding meanings, synonyms and antonyms. The site translates English/Spanish and... see more

The site is ideal for learning the alphabet and developing basic vocabulary around sixteen themes using a flashcard... see more

This webpage on the Dees' Spanish for Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel site provides invaluable dialogue... see more

The site includes 300 of Aesop's classic fables in Spanish. Each fable is presented on one page and using large print.

The website "Mundo latino" creates a webpage for links to the best websites on Latin American writers. These include... see more

The site provides information on the 247 countries and regions of the world. The site also includes world themes, e.g.,... see more

This site presents a photojournal about European's largest minority, the Gypsies. The site includes information on who... see more

The site offers a historical account of the events leading up to the discovery of the new world, the conquest, and the... see more

You will find resources for students who speak Spanish as their primary language and you will also find links for... see more

A world atlas in digitized form. The digitized images include the continents, ocean floors, and countries of the world.... see more

The ACTFL Writing Proficiency Guidelines are described to provide for a global assessment of how well a person can write... see more

Latino USA is an English-language radio program of news and culture, produced from a Latino perspective. Its purpose is... see more

This a useful site for Spanish teachers! The theme revolves around Hispanic Heritage Month focusing on the following... see more

This webpage is an online book on the Spanish language with an added perspective of Spanish in Puerto Rico. The reading... see more

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine offers this site, beneficial for all the service learning career Spanish... see more

For teachers who include music into their lesson plans, this site is a wonderful resource! The site provides listeners... see more

The Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) International provides a website to aid language communities worldwide. Its... see more

This site is made up of articles, text and over (2000) images on 200 world artists and their works. The Artist's Links... see more