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Multiple-choice questions on notices.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   CEFR Domain: Public.   Can-Do Statement:... see more

19 reading comprehension practice sets with five types of exercises -   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do... see more

Learn or teach the letters of the Arabic Alphabet. Click on each letter and pronounce each letter that makes up the... see more

The Foundation provides teachers with authentic French language materials and easy to use, classroom tested lesson plans... see more

An exciting collection of interactive grammar and vocabulary activities for learners of Spanish.

Simplified readings and comprehension exercises for learners of ESL.

Liens à des sites qui offrent des outils utiles pour intégrer la musique dans l'enseignement du Français langue seconde.

This 2-1/2-minute-long podcast is the second section of an interview with an Ecuadorian student, Daniela. It mostly... see more

Italian exercises at the introductory and intermediate levels.

Site has several resources for ESL learners. 

From the title page and introduction: "A no-frills approach to reading and writing German", "...vocabulary blocks,... see more

The concept of "giving" and "receiving" can be grammatically confusing for students of Japanese. This site covers various... see more

A site intended for the practice of French, be it for grammar, morphology, general cultural knowledge, vocabulary or text... see more

Exercises in French pronunciation, basic grammar, and conversation. Audio practice now added.

This site contains tons of interactive French exercises. There are listening, reading and writing exercises. The... see more

Vocabulary and Grammar exercises (crossword puzzles, scrambles and fill-ins).  These exercises are available free of... see more

Select a language from the menu (French, German, Spanish are available [for that matter, so is English]). Intended to... see more

Diagnostic and Practice Exercises in German on comparisons and the superlative. Immediate feedback. This module is part... see more

Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support. Mouse click on the on screen keyboard and the letters will appear on the... see more

A grammar book and interactive exercises for advanced students of Spanish. Includes articles on Latin America.

Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian  to engage FL learners.

Hiragana (Japanese characters) drag-n-drop exercise.

Basic pronunciation, grammar, and written comprehension of the Hmong language. Includes a message board for practicing... see more

Materials on this site are at present are aimed at learned with beginner to lower-intermediate levels of Italian... see more