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This article, created by P.J. Page, describes a project from biology. The purpose was to form an opinion on whether... see more

This article, created by faculty members of the University of Southampton, explains the importance of combining biology... see more

This article, created by B. Dudley of the University of Keele, describes the process the of capturing and recapturing of... see more

This page, created by the Department of Biology at Colby College, is a guide to writing and using statistics in the field... see more

The eighth chapter of an online Introduction to Biostatistics course created by the faculty at the University of... see more

Created by Dr. Robert Huber of Bowling Green State University, this page lists the laboratories and java projects for a... see more

This article demonstrates the use of two datasets as an aid in teaching polynomial and nonlinear regression. The data... see more

This page explores Benford's law and the Pareto Principle (or 80/20 rule). Benford's law may also have a wider meaning if... see more

This collection of applets, created by McGraw-Hill Higher Education, is designed illustrate key concepts described in... see more

This recording of a web seminar (webinar) provides a tour of the Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical... see more

Submitting your spotlight presentation from USCOTS 2005 to CAUSEweb is an easy process, and you are in a prime position... see more

The applet, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, allows you to see how the T distribution is related to... see more

These applets, presented by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, address the notion of "power." Users can perform... see more

The applet, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, allows for simple data analysis of univariate data.... see more

The applets, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, allow you to see how different bivariate data look... see more

The applets in this section of Statistical Java allow you to see how levels of confidence are achieved through repeated... see more

This activity is an advanced version of the "Keep your eyes on the ball" activity by Bereska, et al. (1999). Students... see more

This activity stresses the importance of writing clear, unbiased survey questions. It explores the types of bias present... see more

This activity focuses on basic ideas of linear regression. It covers creating scatterplots from data, describing the... see more

This activity explains the important features of a distribution: shape, center, spread, and unusual features. It also... see more

This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it... see more

This activity enables students to learn about confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for a population mean. It focuses... see more

This activity will allow students to learn the difference between observational studies and experiments, with emphasis on... see more

This activity will allow students to familiarize themselves with technology and its use in calculating marginal,... see more