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This video shows the response that plants have toward sunlight in terms of phototropism. It contains footage of various... see more

This is a nice animation / simulation to show some plant tropisms, including phototropism gravitropism (along with auxin... see more

This animation focuses on plant growth and how plants sense and respond to their environment. In particular, this... see more

This is a great site from the University of Alberta that provides animations of plant life cycles (equisetum, fern,... see more

This is the journal site for the American Society of Plant Biologists. This particular site provides information for... see more

Plant Physiology Online is a companion to the Plant Physiology,Sixth Edition book by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger.... see more

This is a good simulation that shows the effect of different wavelengths of light (red, blue, green, etc.) on the growth... see more

This site includes a simulator that uses a virtual potometer to show rates of transpiration.  Different plant specimens... see more

This site connects scientist mentors with high school class that want to do a hands on experiment using plants. Site has... see more

Plants for A Future is a resource center/website where students can learn more about plants with medicinal... see more

Time lapse movies of plants in motion. This site is intended to serve as a resource for nonprofit educational use.

ProMED is a program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases.  It's an Internet-based reporting system dedicated to rapid global... see more

This Website contains an excellent set of animations on Arabidopsis thaliana root. The animations show how a spiraling... see more

Educational studies have found that despite classroom presentations, most students retain their naïve idea that a plant’s... see more

This site provides a link to a horticultural society that has information about plants, education, research, and... see more

The Science Matters series was created to educate the public about new developments in the biological sciences and to... see more

This site includes two eloquently produced simulations about secondary growth and transpiration in plants by Nate... see more

This is the fourth module in "DNA from the Beginning". DNA from the Beginning is an animated tutorial on DNA, genes and... see more

Biosearch Technologies' standalone video describing the mechanism behind Stellaris RNA FISH. Stellaris FISH (fluorescence... see more

This website is just a basic description of chloroplasts and their structures including thylakoids and the stroma. It... see more

Schultes was an ethnobotanist, explorer and writer who collected more than 24,000 plant species in his lifetime. He is... see more

This lab activity demonstrates the process of photosynthesis through the production of oxygen in a plant leaf. The... see more

This site is a comprehensive paper on photosynthesis with links to all figures from the original paper.

Quoting the site, "Each database is focused on one or more species, and the information they contain may include genetic... see more