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'QVprep Microbiology Lite is FREE and has limited content. The app gives you the option to buy the paid QVprep... see more

Gluconeogenesis is the process by which glucose is synthesized from smaller, simpler molecules such as lactate and... see more

This site provides three interactive activities pertaining to glycolysis. Glycolysis: Enzyme Match-up allows one to match... see more

This animation describes how antibodies are used in a variety of ways due to their specific binding abilities. One of the... see more

These online tools allow the user to perform several virtual experiments using complete microbial genomes. You can... see more

This research work investigated the influence of biofield treatment on Enterobacter cloacae (ATCC 13047) against... see more

Viral load quantification is the amount of particular viral DNA or RNA in a blood samples. It is one of the surrogate... see more

This link takes you to a listing of infectious diseases through the University of Iowa, Hardin MD site. Clicking on each... see more

This site has a series of web pages with graphics describing the process of leukocyte adhesion during inflammation. Very... see more

This animation discusses the transmission of the influenza virus and provides various public health statistics associated... see more

When glucose levels are high in the blood, insulin is released in the pancreas by beta cells. As a result, signal routes... see more

This is a "free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills. Students learn how to... see more

A chapter which describes the pathways and mechanisms of vesicular traffic between different cellular compartments. It... see more

Overview: This podcast contains a brief overview of the diversity of microbes and introduces some key terms needed to... see more

An open textbook, this site offers basic information about viruses which is linked throughout to more detailed... see more

This animation demonstartes how to isolate microorganisms from a pure culture. Those isolates are then tested for... see more

In the Light-driven Ion Pumps and Sensors animation, the Halobacterium species is the subject under study. Halobacterium... see more

Luminescent bacteria are presented in this site through studies of their natural environment, morphology and physiology,... see more

Access to maps of metabolic pathways.

Pictures and information about various microbes organized by habitats in a "virtual zoo". This is part of the "Digital... see more

This course will cover a range of diverse areas of microbiology, including virology, bacteriology, and even applied... see more

The Micro eGuide is designed to provide basic instruction on laboratory safety, microbiological skills and laboratory... see more