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Most loud speakers consist of a circular permanent magnet surrounding a freely moving coil. The coil is attached to a... see more

Arcade is a computer program for the simulation and animation of physical structures. It is based on computation methods... see more

This activity explores what it means for a computer to be intelligent and introduces the topic of what a computer program... see more

EnviroLand contains several Visual Basic simulations of wet laboratory experiments for environmental chemistry (i.e.... see more

This is a great site to explore if you enjoy the mysteries of space and space equipment. Take a virtual tour through some... see more

In this activity, one person "programs" the other like a robot to move through a space, trying to get them to avoid... see more

PureWaterLab provides lessons and interactive simulations about water purification processes. Simulations can be run on-... see more

View AutoCad drawings saved using the dwf file format. Does not require any install. Allows redlining the viewed drawing.... see more

This unique method of fabricating silicon creatures was developed by Hewlett-Packard's CPU design team in Fort Collins,... see more

If you are a person in need for a good reliable high performance engine, this site will give you all the information you... see more

This tutorial demonstrates how variable capacitors are used with inductor coils in tuning circuits of radios, television... see more

A Java-tized Web-site with great information about Space Shuttle flights, etc.

אתר מלווה קורס בנושא שימוש בסימולציות לתיכון תהליכים בהנדסה כימית. סימולציה תהליכית היא כלי חשוב בתהליך של תיכון. היא... see more

אתר מלווה קורס בהנדסה כימית שמטרתו שימוש בסימולציות לניתוח וסינתזה של תהליכים.אתר הקורס כולל: חומרי למידה (הרצאות... see more

Experiment with force and pressure by building a balloon rocket. When launched, the balloon will run a track wherever you... see more

Over 150 emeddable or downloadable 3D Simulations in the subject area of Automation, Electro/Mechanical, Process Control,... see more

In this nanoscience activity, learners discover that it's easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a... see more

On this site from the Nobel Foundation you can play educational games and explore information about the Nobel Prize. The... see more

Interactive flash simulation allows students to adjust resistance and/or capacitance in a RC circuit and then view the... see more

This is a simulation of the building damages to the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th. Structural damages... see more

SimSE is an educational software engineering simulation environment who is a Premier Award Winner; TUES NSF Projects -... see more

This library from the classic Annenberg Learner series contains 52 videos (15 to 30 minutes each) demonstrating how the... see more

In this two-part activity, learners use everyday materials to visualize one mole of gas or 22.4 liters of gas. The first... see more