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In this activity, students will learn the properties of cleavage and fracture (how minerals break when struck with a... see more

This interactive lesson on metamorphic rocks starts with a review of the rock cycle and goes on to describe the... see more

This tutorial is part of the series of investigations and visualizations on the "Exploring Earth" website, which was... see more

This teaching box is an online assemblage of related learning concepts that focus on teaching students about how and why... see more

In this activity, students learn about the different types of seismic waves in an environment they can control. Using an... see more

This tutorial instructs students on how to create simulations of P- and S-waves by using simple materials; a Slinky toy... see more

This site shows how to make paper models representing simple faults and illustrating some of the landforms associated... see more

In this exercise, learners will plot earthquake hypocenters along a cross-section in an attempt to 'image' a fault deep... see more

This animation shows what happens to a road as lateral stresses accumulate and then are released in an earthquake. A... see more

This brief historical account describes some of the effects of the Cajon Pass earthquake, which struck near San... see more

This frequently-asked-questions feature provides answers to common problems encountered when using the AS-1 seismometer... see more

This site presents an analysis of the theories and experiments done so far on sound-producing (e.g., roaring, booming)... see more

In this evolution lesson, two sets of simulated fossils (caminalcules) are provided as cutouts. Students arrange them on... see more

Geophysical inversion is deriving the structure of the Earth's subsurface from data collected at the surface, using a... see more

This portal provides links to selected United States Geological Survey (USGS) educational resources that may be useful to... see more

The mission of the GeoResources Institute (GRI) is to understand Earth's natural and managed systems and provide... see more

This resource includes a table for the identification of minerals with a petrographic microscope. The table lists... see more

This guide will introduce hikers to the rocks and geologic history of the Front Range as seen along the trails west of... see more

This fact sheet, published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), discusses the influence of the California... see more

This guide provides instructions for educators on the classroom use of seismic data from the Broadband Seismic Data... see more

This portal provides links to an extensive selection of photo and image galleries available on United States Geological... see more

This page from Iowa State University presents a general glossary of geologic terms. The site would be a good reference... see more

This topical directory provides an alternate way to browse United States Geological Survey (USGS) science programs and... see more

These reports provide a review of significant changes that occurred during the twentieth century in industries requiring... see more