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באתר ריכוז שאלוני הבגרות באזרחות, הכנה והדרכה אליהם. חלק ממאגר תמיד אזרחות של מט"ח ומשרד החינוך.

מידע עדכני בנוגע לתוכניות הלימודים השונות באזרחות בחטיבה הצעירה והעליונה, בליווי הספר "להיות אזרחים בישראל". חלק מאתר... see more

Through this stand-alone instructional resource (StAIR), high school students will be able to quiz themselves on key... see more

An intensive nine day remote collaborative workshop involving MIT and Miyagi University in Japan. The objective is to... see more

This is a fast talking video showing in really fun pictures some of the most inaccurate historical events.

This resource shows an example of a 5 paragraph essay with an outline form and sample outline. || CEFR level - B1 || CEFR... see more

This book provides an overview of the current debates about the nature and extent of our moral obligations to animals.... see more

This website offers students a photographic timeline, a scrapbook, and excerpts of the life and time of Anne Frank. This... see more

I use this CIA challenge to introduce critical thinking to my students.

ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together. Since its... see more

International Studies Public Forum (ISPF) presents: "Asia's Rise and Global Governance" with Miles Kahler, UC San Diego,... see more

BASE is one of world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. BASE provides more than 110... see more

This is a comprehensivie site that covers all topics of Chinese culture from Chinese history, Chinese philosophy, Chinese... see more

This is a project designed to provide students an opportunity to connect with the experiences of WWI on a deeper level.... see more

No one knows why Cro-Magnon man painted marvelous and astonishing paintings on rock walls, deep within caves. Paintings... see more

This web site comprises a rich collection of multimedia resources for learning about Congress, representative democracy,... see more

This tutorial explains how to use MS Word most effectively to create a “References” or “Works Cited” page, focusing on... see more

Use modern technology to explore the colonial times.  

This is a web-quest for social studies on the Columbian Exchange.  This can be used when studying the European Explorers... see more

Definición de turismo, sus elementos y etapas junto a su relevancia en la sociedad y la economía.

proceso de alimentacion proceso de seleccion motivacion compensacion y desarrollo de las personas en una organizacion

This exercise is an Action Maze. You will be presented with a series of situations; in each situation you will need to... see more

This unit will enable you to understand how arguments are constructed and used in the Social Sciences. Using extracts... see more

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