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Clio is like Yelp! for historical and cultural sites, galleries, museums, etc. with 3300 entries and a few more added... see more

This paper examines students' efforts working together to solve problems and to document their solutions to those... see more

While many other disciplines have implemented constructivist pedagogical changes, psychology has been slower to implement... see more

This paper describes an investigation into beliefs about academic integrity of faculty members who teach both online and... see more

A research project was conducted to analyze student achievement using submitted assignments for two sections of a... see more

This study investigated the perception of students and instructors in online technology courses relative to the use of... see more

With advances in learning management systems and online course delivery methods, teachers have a variety of options to... see more

This case study from Stanford University's Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project discusses innovative teaching methods used to... see more

Students enrolled in a hybrid course reported their satisfaction with course design and delivery and their perceived... see more

This video from the CyberWatch Center presents a resume writing and job interviewing tips workshop. The workshop was... see more

Research on online classes strongly identifies participation as a positive variable. Research on online teaching also... see more

The Enduring Legacies Reservation-Based Project, now in its third year, supports Native American college students of a... see more

This paper uses specific issues surrounding course blogging to provide a series of reflections regarding the articulation... see more

Blended learning, described as the integration of online and classroom teaching, can range in complexity from the... see more

Field courses are an essential component of the undergraduate experience in many subjects, but are intensive and... see more

The Web has permeated many aspects of modern society. Because the popularity of the Web in society is widely recognised,... see more

The dramatic decline in the number of CIS majors since the year 2000 has focused attention on the need to develop new,... see more

Many instructors that teach face-to-face use the traditional method of teaching; lecture, discussion, lab, and practice.... see more

Online education has grown dramatically over the past decade, as have the technology applications that support these... see more

Traditional classroom delivery has experienced a complete overhaul with the advent of Web 2.0 techniques for delivering... see more

This article explains the history of an Advanced Computer Technology (ACT) laboratory at Middle Tennessee State... see more

Within the University of South Australia, human anatomy is taught in many allied health undergraduate programs. One... see more

This article seeks to suggest a method for those who teach online courses to move beyond passive instructional techniques... see more