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This site provides the history of problem based learning as a teaching strategy. There are a number of definitions... see more

This video is a presentation by Gerry Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT. He provides an overview of the benefits of... see more

'With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, you can join web conferencing sessions right from your iPhone or iPad. NOTE: This... see more

"In here you will find soul-searching life experiences, testimony, humor, and poetry. All from the seasoned viewpoint of... see more

This is a MERLOT presentation designed to be used without internet connection.  Sometimes the internet connections at a... see more

Designed as an introduction to academic integrity and intellectual property, Bruin Success with Less Stress educates... see more

Those interested in learning more about C and C++ programming can find a wide range of tutorials on this site for both... see more

'The Mathematics Education Community in the CSU is a community of members-CSU faculty, K-12 Mathematics Teachers... see more

'MHAP was created to provide information & resources pertaining to the mental health of college-students and young... see more

'The Noyce Scholars Teaching Commons: Is a free, open educational resource dedicated to Science and Math that anyone can... see more

""The excessive workload generated by the assessment of exam papers in large classes and the need to give feedback in... see more

This is an article from the Stanford University Newsletter. The following topics are covered: What We Know About... see more

This document describes classroom assessment techniques (CATs) as ways to determine what your students are learning, and... see more

This site explains what is meant by classroom incivility and also why it occurs.  It also provides some suggestions for... see more

"Elements of classroom management vary. In researching this topic, it is clear that a common understanding for the term... see more

CogPrints (1997) is an open access, electronic archive in which authors can self-archive papers in any area of Cognitive... see more

This is a free course offered as part of the Saylor Foundation's Professional Development program.  'This program is... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. 'This book teaches a powerful blend of the two most crucial conversation... see more

"This paper will highlight current theories of learning and critically analyse connectivism within the context of its... see more

The editors of Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom bring together stories, theories, and research... see more

This is a free, online handbook designed for the faculty at the University of Colorado - Denver.  "This handbook consists... see more

This site provides a description and visual model of David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. The site also includes a... see more

This site provides a very simple chart that shows the best classroom practices for each type of learner: feeling,... see more

'BlogBash - 30 days 30 experts! was one of the most successful events ever done on the Chitika Blog. Chitika's goal for... see more