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Todos los profesores necesitan hacer algún tipo de planificación de sus clases como una forma de guiar y focalizar su... see more

This tools shows you how to calculate the value of Cohen's d and the effect size correlation in one of two ways: (1)... see more

Esta presentaciòn, permite comprender la tècnica para la elaboraciòn de mapas conceptuales, la cuàl es un medio didáctico... see more

More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of Federally supported teaching and... see more

This is a presentation directed to any person involved in primary, secondary and higher education. The objective is to... see more

Writing/Reading- Connections between words/ categories. Developing vocabulary.

This video is featured in the Next Vista For Learning video collection, free 1-5 minute clips you can also download. In a... see more

Complete web-based intro course in astronomy

Kids share thoughts on learning and teaching, collected in a survey in preparation for a GATE conference. "I like school... see more

The Michigan Education through Learning Objects (MELO) project is a cross-disciplinary collaborative effort that has... see more

The generally acknowledged play of subjectivity in the judgement of art makes the concept of achievement in the... see more

This special focus edition of the Journal of Education focuses on the poetics of pedagogy. The introduction elaborates on... see more

Wayne Hugo provides the editorial for this special focus edition of Journal of Education.

In this activity students explore the concepts of migration, hibernation and adaptation to the cold as mechanisms to... see more

The Sony Xperia(tm) XZ1 Smartphone with 3D Creator App allows you to capture, save, view, and edit your world in 3D,... see more

This webpage offers tools and ideas on how to effectively engage your students in the classroom.

The goal of this article is to provide an integrative review of research that has been conducted on the development of... see more

This powerpoint offers an overview of the development and implementation of a model involving performance-based... see more

This is a presentation software for the iPad.  Although designed for lawyers' use in courtrooms, it allows users to... see more

unitedstreaming is a digital video-on-demand service brought to you by Discovery Education. With unitedstreaming, you... see more

Presentación Utilizada en curso de capacitación para Docente Virtual de la Universidad Tecnológica de Chile - INACAP, el... see more

This article provides a cogent rationale for teaching bioethics. Bioethics is an important consideration for teachers... see more

This site explains the basic guidelines for referring to individuals with disabilities and common courtesies for... see more

Introduction to content areas and search systems on the Library of Congress web site. The program includes demonstrations... see more