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In this presentation we will see how to include an image in an HTML page and review the concepts tag, attribute, value... see more

This presentation steps through three image processing tasks. In doing so, we will use several tools and commands.

This presentation is an image processing demonstration. I'll create a 200 by 200 pixel image of a face, a "head shot." In... see more

This is an image compression demonstration. We use for the demonstration, but the steps would be the same with... see more

All types of data can be compressed, but we will focus on image compression in this presentation. We will review the... see more

This presentation focuses on six characteristics of an image, its size, shape, resolution, amount of information, file... see more

This presentation explains what a protocol is. We will use HTTP, the Web protocol, as an example. There are protocols for... see more

We will learn how to create HTML links using the tag and its href attribute. We will differentiate between creating links... see more

In this talk at the State Department, Clay Shirky reviews the history of communication technology revolutions. He argues... see more

Our class covers IT literacy. The "I" stands for information, but what do we mean by information? Information theorists... see more

We will see how to export .mp3 files, but before doing so, you must complete Audacity installation. Installing Audacity... see more

This Presentation takes a look at the idea of exponential growth as opposed to liner growth. Exponential growth means... see more

We'll look at the evolution of a Wikipedia page from a single sentence into a 1,600 word document with six sub-headings... see more

Like all types of data, images are encoded. We will look at a sample image and a coding scheme. We will discuss some of... see more

This presentation introduces the user interface of the Audacity audio editor, illustrated with several important editing... see more

We'll present a quick history of information technology data types. As we'll see, years of research precede mainstream... see more

presentation concerns the quantity of data in a message or file. We'll see that data quantity is measured in bits and... see more

In this presentation we'll distinguish between data and information. We'll see that data must be encoded if it's to... see more

We'll create a demonstration wiki, using it to illustrate the five operations that are common to all wikis.

This presentation introduces Twitter, shows how to create and use an account, and illustrates the concept of subscription... see more

In this presentation, I'm going to give you an overview of our course. We cover the skills and concepts you will need for... see more

We will see how to count and represent quantities using positional number systems, like our own decimal system.

Much of our writing on the Internet takes the form of conversations. We'll informally analyze an effective email... see more

We'll differentiate between home, organization, mobile and backbone connectivity and discuss the technologies they use.... see more