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Tutorial and applet to demonstrate the Pearson r correlation in probability and statistics. This is part of the larger... see more

Compiling of statstical studies over a broad range of subjects.

""There seems to be a pervasive notion that "you can prove anything with statistics." This is only true if you use them... see more

This applet helps to demonstrate the power of a hypothesis test for means.  Users set the null and alternative hypotheses... see more

This is a collection of java applets that illustrate surprising and/or classical statistical results through... see more

Probability plotter and calculator allows students to explore different distributions and their relationships. ... see more

A lot of events in our life seem random or impossible to predict. However, with probability theory we can learn more... see more

Teaches Queuing to and a little Simulation, using a Visual Basic macro in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Contains three... see more

This activity focuses on basic ideas of linear regression. It covers creating scatterplots from data, describing the... see more

This applet simulates a situation where a rocket is launched if it passes three independent stages.

This interactive Java applet considers a sailor trying to go from one point to another in the shortest possible time when... see more

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the... see more

This online lecture is designed for people just starting to use SPSS. The user will have a hands-on experience using SPSS... see more

Authored by Laura Little of the University of Washington, this tutorial exposes students to conducting multiple... see more

This online statistics textbook provides a very comprehensive reference with illustrations that exceed the abilities of... see more

StatWorker is a web based statistical package. All you need to use it is your favourite browser and Internet connection.... see more

This java applet can be used to determine whether or not the means in two sample populations are significantly different.

Example and calculator illustrating the t-test in probability and statistics. This is part of the larger site Virtual... see more

An animation and short description of the Taguchi Loss Function.

This journal article, created by Gerd Gigerenzer and Peter Sedlmeier, respectively of the Max Planck Institute for Human... see more

A webpage in which links are provided to histograms of sample statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, maximum etc.)... see more

Do simulations for the glamber's ruin problem.

The applet shows the histogram of N replications of the sum of n random variables from a uniform (0,1) distribution. It... see more

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is a GNU project which is similar to the S... see more