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This course offers a critical analysis of contending theories of international relations. Focus is on alternative... see more

The causes and prevention of interstate war are the central topics of this course. The course goal is to discover and... see more

Tracing the evolution of international interactions, this course examines the dimensions of globalization in terms of... see more

This course explores the leading theoretical and methodological approaches to studying China's interaction with the... see more

China's rise as a great power raises important questions about how that power might be used in its relations with other... see more

This lecture course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the international relations of the People’s... see more

This course focuses on evolution of contemporary politics and economics. The subject is divided into four parts: Context:... see more

"Environmental Politics & Policy" explores the workings of environmental policymaking in the United States. What are the... see more

This subject examines the historical development and contemporary politics of social policy in the United States. We will... see more

This course examines in comparative prospective the health care policy problems facing the United States including... see more

This course examines the functioning of democracy in the U.S. beginning with the theoretical foundations of democratic... see more

This course will examine public opinion and assess its place in the American political system. The course will emphasize... see more

This course provides a selective overview of electoral politics in the United States, with an emphasis on presidential... see more

This course analyzes the development of the United States Congress by focusing on the competing theoretical lenses... see more

This course focuses on both the internal processes of the House and Senate and on the place of Congress in the American... see more

This is the second in a sequence of two field seminars in American politics intended for graduate students in political... see more

This class introduces students to innovative as well as classic approaches to studying U.S. government. The writing... see more

The course introduces the main debates about the "new" global economy and their implications for practice and policy.... see more

This seminar explores changes in the international economy and their effects on domestic politics, economy, and society.... see more

This graduate research and reading seminar examines an array of issues facing labor in today's global world. The premise... see more

This course examines alternative conceptions and theoretical underpinnings of the notion of "sustainable development." It... see more

Examines role of European states in postwar period of rapid economic growth and current crisis. Includes analysis of... see more

This is a graduate seminar for students who already have some familiarity with issues in political economy and/or... see more

This course explores effects of globalization of finance on international relations and domestic politics. Topics include... see more