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Recent years have seen an astonishing spread of democracy to many African, Asian, and Latin American countries. What... see more

This course provides a broad overview of the theories of and approaches to the study of nationalist thought and practice.... see more

Discerning the ethnic and racial dimensions of politics is considered by some indispensable to understanding contemporary... see more

This graduate reading seminar explores the role of religious groups, institutions, and ideas in politics using social... see more

This course seeks to provide students with a general understanding of the form of collective action known as the social... see more

Coups, civil wars, revolutions, and peaceful transitions are the "real stuff" of political science. They show us why... see more

This course is designed mainly for political science graduate students conducting or considering conducting research on... see more

This course is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the major theories on the relationship between... see more

This subject is designed for graduate students interested in international politics, national security and comparative... see more

This course will conduct a comparative study of the grand strategies of the great powers (Britain, France, Germany and... see more

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the missions, capabilities, and costs of the largely... see more

This course examines the problems and issues confronting American national security policymakers and the many factors... see more

This course explores organizational concepts and research methods that explain the performance and development of... see more

This seminar has three purposes. One, it inquires into the causes of military innovation by examining a number of the... see more

This course focuses on the institutional relationships that affect the raising, maintenance and use of military forces in... see more

This course focuses on cyberspace and its implications for private and public, sub-national, national, and international... see more

This course examines the interconnections of international politics and climate change. Beginning with an analysis of the... see more

This graduate seminar introduces an emerging research program within International Relations on territorial conflict.... see more

This course explores the causes of modern war with a focus on preventable causes. Course readings cover theoretical,... see more

This course examines the causes and consequences of American foreign policy since 1898. Course readings cover both... see more

This field seminar in international political economy covers major theoretical, empirical, and policy perspectives. The... see more

This course offers a critical analysis of contending theories of international relations. Focus is on alternative... see more

The causes and prevention of interstate war are the central topics of this course. The course goal is to discover and... see more

Tracing the evolution of international interactions, this course examines the dimensions of globalization in terms of... see more