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On the Academy of Achievement, billed the "museum of living history," extraordinary leaders, thinkers and pioneers who... see more

eLearning secound assignment essay summary PowerPoint slides and Demo report.

This interactive site would be great for children in elementary school because it teaches about the environment. It also... see more

This is a course in Automotive Air Conditioning. Is the result of an activity in Web Comunication field, wich is part of... see more

This is a collection of learning resources for the K-12 area.  Special features include:  Teacher Web Resources (by... see more

Extensión del esquema Skos-Core desarrollada por ONKI que aporta etiquetas para diferenciar tipos de términos genéricos... see more

The Worldwide Telescope (WWT) is a visualization environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual... see more

This online lesson is composed of seven units and an accompanying reference handbook. It is designed to help users more... see more

Keopsova piramida pravi je primer preciznog projekta ali i organizacije rada. jedan od najlepših i najgracioznijih... see more

Importancia de determinados Dispositivos internos de la PC. Introducción a identificarlas SUS Principales Funciones Y... see more

Auto-Builds tests delivered online, that contain encrypted answers and score themselves -- a version especially for... see more

JavaScript program that automatically scores any objective test, questionnaire or "inventory", with the only limitation... see more

Yazılım Ağ donanım cihazlarını anlatmaktadır.

Osnovni cilj ove publikacije jeste da upozna citaoca sa osnovama baza podataka.

This online lesson discusses the advice that Franklin gives for thinking well with others. This advice is quite... see more

Bilgisayar donanımları hakkında bilgiler içermektedir.

     The website is an instrumental and interactive learning object in the area of biology. The site is free and has a... see more

Ce cahier représente une synthèse des séances de travail réalisées dans le cadre du cycle de formation "Nouvelles... see more

Automatically build an automatically coordinated set of menus for subtopics and subsubtopics under some main subject... see more

Though CBD may be controversial in our society right now, I believe professionals need to take a harder look at the... see more

Clase de anatomia para 1 de ESO

Témoignages - Barcamp organisé en 2014 par l'IPM (aujourd'hui LLL) pour tous les participants à la formation "classe... see more