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eportfolio for course redesign of Human Anatomy: Biol 361 at CSU Fullerton

In 2011, we started a program on our campus aimed at improving student success in STEM disciplines through flipped... see more

Course Name & Description:   BIOL 362 (Mammalian Physiology). The fundamental mechanisms of mammalian and human... see more

Increasing formative assessment in an introductory organismal biology course for majors, using clickers and peer-to-peer... see more

Course Redesign with Technology for CSU Dominguez Hills Precalculus course.

Cool 4 Ed page for Taiyo Inoue.

Chem 100 Virtual Lab California State University, Fullerton. Chem 100L Survey of Chemistry Laboratory. Experiments chosen... see more

This is a porject that I did for an IT advanced Linux course. It outlines my experience with Linux, and how I used it to... see more

This is a discription of what was learned from teaching a lower division general education Psychology of Critical... see more

Transforming Face-to-face GE Courses into Hybrid and Online.   CLS 1500 Cultural Diversity, Chicanas/os, and... see more

Increase STAT 118 Student Success through Web-based Assignment and Coordinated Remediation

Basic Music combines classroom instruction on an instrument with online delivery of GE and Music Theory materials

This web page has been designed as a part of my coursework in DL5723 Applying Learning Theories in Instructional Design... see more

This is an ePortfolio documenting how the Introductory Biology lab course Biol 1BL is being redesigned at California... see more

Course Redesign with Technology, Principles of Microeconomics

Organic chemistry is typically taught via the "functional group approach" that mirrors neither the way organic chemists... see more

Comparison of different online homework learning  systems in a first semester general chemistry course.

This page describes Sacramento State's Program in Quality Assurnce for Online Education.

This is an e-portfolio describing a course redesign project where traditional computer-based labs were replaced by online... see more

Redesign of General Chemistry CHEM111B at CSULB