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Food Production and Sustainability (FACS 110) is a required upper division course for Nutrition and Food Majors in the... see more

Freshman Science Success Class (NSCI 190A), Supplemental Instruction   Project Abstract: The redesign project addresses... see more

Global Awareness (GEOG 300) is designed to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the world at large. In this... see more

A review of the adoption process for using Khan Academy as a textbook for Art Appreciation.

eportfolio for course redesign of Human Anatomy: Biol 361 at CSU Fullerton

In 2011, we started a program on our campus aimed at improving student success in STEM disciplines through flipped... see more

Course Name & Description:   BIOL 362 (Mammalian Physiology). The fundamental mechanisms of mammalian and human... see more

Increasing formative assessment in an introductory organismal biology course for majors, using clickers and peer-to-peer... see more

Course Redesign with Technology for CSU Dominguez Hills Precalculus course.

Cool 4 Ed page for Taiyo Inoue.

Chem 100 Virtual Lab California State University, Fullerton. Chem 100L Survey of Chemistry Laboratory. Experiments chosen... see more

This is a porject that I did for an IT advanced Linux course. It outlines my experience with Linux, and how I used it to... see more

This is a discription of what was learned from teaching a lower division general education Psychology of Critical... see more

Transforming Face-to-face GE Courses into Hybrid and Online.   CLS 1500 Cultural Diversity, Chicanas/os, and... see more

Increase STAT 118 Student Success through Web-based Assignment and Coordinated Remediation