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Schred 2.0 calculates the envelope wavefunctions and the corresponding bound-state energies in a typical MOS... see more

The trend in downscaling of electronic devices and the need to add functionalities such as sensing and nonvolatile memory... see more

The sensing technologies are mainly derived from three broad areas, namely, absorbance, fluorescence and electrochemical.... see more

We present non-invasive methods for improving the sensitivity of label-free biosensors that offer the advantage of rapid... see more

My work is frequently motivated by the information technology concerns of "big science", a frequently fascinating source... see more

Silicon nanoelectronics has become silicon nanoelectronics, but we still analyze, design, and think about MOSFETs in more... see more

Taking classes in physics always starts with Newtonian mechanics. In reducing the size of the objects considered however... see more

SPICE is a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear dc, nonlinear transient, and linear ac analysis. It... see more

Molecular dynamics (MD) has become an essential tool for obtaining microscopic insight into biological function. The... see more

The concepts of Bloch oscillation and Zener breakdown are fundamental to electron motion in periodic potentials and were... see more

Scientific applications are built with great care and attention to the core simulation algorithms, often with some... see more

It is common to differentiate between two ways of building a nanodevice: a topdown approach where we start from something... see more

In the past few years, tremendous progress in the growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has been made, which enabled the... see more

Wireless integrated microsystems promise to become pervasive during the coming decade in applications ranging from health... see more