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This course focuses on works that caught the popular imagination in the past or present. It emphasizes texts that are... see more

This 6-unit subject gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the poetry of two living Nobel Laureates: the... see more

The subtitle of this course for the spring 2003 term is "American Television: A Cultural History." The class takes a... see more

Filmed Shakespeare began in 1899, with Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree performing the death scene from King John for the... see more

When John Locke declared (in the 1690 Essay Concerning Human Understanding) that knowledge was derived solely from... see more

This course examines readings of the major British Romantic poets (Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Scott, Shelley,... see more

This course explores the metaphorical, historical, social, and psychological value of ghosts in the American novel. Using... see more

This course explores the ways in which various American artists view race and class as performed or performable... see more

This subject, cross-listed in Literature and Women's Studies, examines a range of American women authors from the... see more

In this seminar we'll read individual poems closely within a set of questions about the moral and political position of... see more

This seminar offers a course of readings in lyric poetry. It aims to enhance the student's capacity to understand the... see more

The landscape we will explore is the troublesome one of the relevance, impact, and importance of poetry in a troubled... see more

This course introduces students to some of the most important practitioners of poetry in sixteenth- and... see more

This seminar provides intensive study of exciting texts by four influential American authors. In studying paired works,... see more

This seminar provides intensive study of texts by two American authors (Herman Melville, 1819-1891, and Toni Morrison,... see more

The course examines the earliest emergence of stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the context... see more

This course focuses on the period between roughly 1550-1850. American ideas of race had taken on a certain shape by the... see more

This course explores the international trade in television text, considering the ways in which 'foreign' programs find... see more

Turn-of-the-century eras have historically been times when people are more than usually inclined to scrutinize the... see more

This class covers the analysis, design, implementation and testing of various forms of digital communication based on... see more

The course has two main goals: First, to give you a sense of what philosophers think about and why. This will be done... see more

This course will focus on issues that arise in contemporary public debate concerning matters of social justice. Topics... see more

Are moral standards relative to cultures and/or moral frameworks? Are there incompatible or non-comparable ways of... see more

This course does not seek to provide answers to ethical questions. Instead, the course hopes to teach students two... see more