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This class covers the analysis, design, implementation and testing of various forms of digital communication based on... see more

The course has two main goals: First, to give you a sense of what philosophers think about and why. This will be done... see more

This course will focus on issues that arise in contemporary public debate concerning matters of social justice. Topics... see more

Are moral standards relative to cultures and/or moral frameworks? Are there incompatible or non-comparable ways of... see more

This course does not seek to provide answers to ethical questions. Instead, the course hopes to teach students two... see more

This course provides an introduction to important philosophical questions about the mind, specifically those that are... see more

Quantum mechanics--even in the ordinary, non-relativistic, "particle" formulation that will be the primary focus of this... see more

This course is an examination of philosophical theories of action and motivation in the light of empirical findings from... see more

This course examines works of film in relation to thematic issues of philosophical importance that also occur in other... see more

This course focuses on the study of basic metaphysical issues concerning existence, the mind-body problem, personal... see more

This will be a seminar on classic and contemporary work on central topics in ethics. The first third of the course will... see more

This course begins with an introduction to the theory of computability, then proceeds to a detailed study of its most... see more

This course is an introduction to problems about creativity as it pervades human experience and behavior. Questions about... see more

This course examines problems in the philosophy of film as well as literature studied in relation to their making of... see more

This course is a survey of recent philosophy of perception. The main topics discussed are the following: the transparency... see more

This is a seminar on "self-knowledge" -- knowledge of one's own mental states. In addition to reading some of the classic... see more

This is an advanced subject in computer modeling and CAD CAM fabrication, with a focus on building large-scale prototypes... see more

This seminar focuses on the cognitive science of moral reasoning. Philosophers debate how we decide which moral actions... see more

In this course, students identify issues in educational or other professional settings on which to focus their critical... see more

Course Highlights Education in Japan is said to be at a historical turning point now, and education administration and... see more

Does it matter in education whether or not you've got a Y chromosome? You bet it does. In this discussion-based seminar,... see more

This seminar explores experiments in education and discusses how education and learning might be done, through reading... see more

Evolution of Physical Oceanography was created to mark the career of Henry M. Stommel, the leading physical oceanographer... see more

This course is intended as an introduction to political philosophy as seen through an examination of some of the major... see more