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This metasite features Hawthorne's life and writings. Users can select from sections such as his life, writings,... see more

Five inactive sections are offered in response to the introductory question, "What inspired this age of balance and... see more

Presented by the Smithsonian Institution, this site gives quick answers to frequently asked questions. It includes... see more

This site contains links to various aspects of the SWRCB such as news, information, plans, policies, programs, management... see more

Engineer and amateur photographer Matt Frondorf spent six days driving across the country from New York City to San... see more

A collection of information about Edward Hopper's life, his friends, and his paintings is showcased in a scrapbook format... see more

Users can trace and explore the evolution of the spoken and written word. The site features links to audio explanations... see more

This home page gives access to several aspects of the library such as using the library, the copyright office,... see more

This official Lourvre museum website offers visitors a wide range of options. The homepage presents links to the Palace... see more

This ongoing project presents biographies, photographs, articles and other publications about Mississippi writers past... see more

This online archive is organized into categories such as biography, works, manuscripts, notebooks and letters, and... see more

A companion web site to a PBS documentary, this features the many servicemen and civilians who served as combat artists... see more

Employing unique new digital methods, this website attempts to construct a virtual America of ca. 1831-32. Visitors can... see more

This guide offers a very short introduction to reading topographic maps. Six different categories of topographic map... see more

Offering basic information, the web site explains how to test visitor usability. By following five easy steps, the... see more

This Natioanl Geographic site displays the remains of the Ice Maiden found during the Andes expedition. The digital... see more

A developing site, the current choice is a module entitled Using Media to Design Web Courses. This offers links to... see more

This is a gateway site which offers extensive links for researching a variety of humanities topics.

This site offers information about the ASLLRP investigation of the syntactic structure of ASL and development of... see more

For both beginners and advanced users to enhance their use of the web and learn to publish on it, this site provides... see more

COSE is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which offers an holistic approach to learning. The site describes how the... see more

A map of the world is presented. Visitors can click on any continent to see some of its creatures. Each creature page has... see more

An interactive self-test based on a selected reading which is an overview of Darwin's life, this website gives immediate... see more

Created by undergraduates for undergraduates, faculty and the general intellectual community, this site is a forum for... see more