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"In the Classroom" highlights how some schools and organizations use Mathematica extensively in their curricula. The... see more

Links to sites related to financial mathematics: Introduction to stochastic analysis applied to finance, option pricing... see more

About 40 "informal notes" by Kevin Brown on combinatorics: Dedekind's problem, cumulative permutation sequences, the... see more

An extensive annotated list of links to material on many-dimensional geometry.

A mathematics resource bank for students, parents and teachers, with puzzles (you may e-mail your answers), links to... see more

"Informal notes" by Kevin Brown on geometry: constructing the heptadecagon, what mirrors do, the golden pentagon, the... see more

A discussion of the history of conic sections, one of the oldest math subjects studied systematically and thoroughly,... see more

An alphabetical manual, from Abelian group to Zero matrix, that contains reference information about linear algebra and... see more

Supported by the NSF, QELP provides resources to integrate math and environmental science in college classrooms. It... see more

Activities presented at a 1993 conference focused on change and reform, with notes on the type of technology represented... see more

Graphs in the media. Topics include examples of: Raw Data, Graphs, What is the Story?, Misleading Graphs, and Misleading... see more

Actuaries are professionals trained in mathematics, statistics, and economic techniques that allow them to put a... see more

Links to resources on the Web for calculus projects, software vendors, publisher sites, articles and discussions,... see more

A discussion of the many ways to classify curves, how they are named, a curve family tree, and interconnection between... see more

Shockwave whiteboard movies on algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, the mathematics of finance, and more. A... see more

An extensive list of links to sites with information about linear algebra, classified by level and type of resource.

This is a group of logic puzzles and musings upon self-referential statements and the value of logic.

These applets accompany the textbook, Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns and... see more

Links to selected sites, projects, and graphing calculator explorations designed to foster understanding of the family of... see more

Links to selected sites, projects, and graphing calculator explorations designed to foster understanding of the family of... see more

Free online SAT, ACT, and GRE test preparation courses. Register for tutorials and practice sessions that dynamically... see more

More than 50 "informal notes" by Kevin Brown on algebra. Kummer's Objection; irreducibility criteria, multiple linear... see more

Derivatives are financial securities whose value is derived from another "underlying" financial security. Options,... see more

Assignments and readings: a resource for mathematics students and teachers, particularly in the areas of Algebra II, AP... see more