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A free interactive math textbook on the web, initially covering high-school geometry. Many of the topics are accompanied... see more

This is a subpage of the Maths Online collection of interactive material at the lower division college mathematics level.... see more

The graphs of sin, cos and tan are generated by the user by means of a scroll bar which controls the motion of a point on... see more

This JAVA applet demonstrates the Law of Sines in two forms.

Given an (mxn) matrix, this tool generates the dimensions and a basis for each of the four subspaces:  column space, null... see more

This applet lets you build simple mathematical proofs from axioms in logic and set theory.

This applet allows a person to test several root approximating methods by simply filling in the starting endpoint A, the... see more

Throw darts at a circle, get the ratio inside to outside circle, and estimate pi.

Use Monte Carlo Simulation to estimate the area of an ellipse.

Here is a java applet that can be used to solve min-cost network-flow problems.

This applet illustrates the use of the Newton's method to approximate solutions to the given equation. The user can... see more

Using this virtual manipulative you may: Solve unit conversion problems Create your own unit conversion problems

Open Perception, Inc. was incorporated in California in April 2012 as a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. We are an... see more

Interacive illustration of a greedy algorithm.

This page contains a set of animations developed by the Scandal group for various parallel algorithms.

Percolation Applet nicely demonstrates concepts associated with site percolation in a two-dimensional square lattice.

This site contains links to Photomath app available both for iOS and Android. The app allows a smartphone (or other... see more

This application will calculate the best fit of a set of data arranged as {x,y} pairs to a polynomial of any order, up to... see more

Interacive illustration of Prims algorithm.

Quoted from the site: This Web site contains a page for each section of the book Principles of Calculus Modeling, an... see more

This module provides a summary and motivation for the various properties of the gradient such as being the direction of... see more

This resource allows students to investigate, ratios, proportions, area, and perimeter.

Quadratic Functions contains two applets that allow the user to change the coefficients of a quadratic equation and... see more

Nesta atividade, os alunos deverão levar o peixinho à frente, clicando nas bolhas de acordo com as orientações dadas.