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This applet, by David M. Lane of Rice University, shows how the correlation between two variables is affected by the... see more

This applet, by David M. Lane of Rice University, demonstrates how the reliability of X and Y affect various aspects of... see more

Created by David Lane of Rice University, this applet demonstrates how a histogram is affected by bin width and starting... see more

This applet, created by Rice University's Virtual Lab in Statistics, allows students to manipulate a histogram and... see more

The applet allows users to sample from a normal distribution or from a uniform distribution. It shows the expected values... see more

Visual ANOVA is a program, created by Professor Tom Mallory of the University of Utah, that puts the theory on ANOVA into... see more

This tutorial, created by Thomas W. MacFarland of Nova Southeastern University, explains the theory and use of the... see more

This site contains a standalone applet designed to help students investigate the influence of changes in data values on... see more

This online, interactive lesson on special distributions provides examples, exercises, and applets covering normal,... see more

This site, created by Larry Green of Lake Tahoe Community College, explains small sample hypothesis testing for a normal... see more

This collection, created by John McClain of Cornell University, of macros for Microsoft Excel addresses numerous topics... see more

This module introduces correlation and regression through topics like scatterplots, lines, slopes, intercepts,... see more

This module, published by Coventry University, discusses why sampling is important through the following topics:... see more

This module, by Neville Hunt and Nicki Cologne-Brookes of Coventry University, teaches probability through dice... see more

This module, by Barrie Baker and Neville Hunt of Coventry University, introduces critical path analysis and addresses the... see more

This curriculum, created by Mark Kaelin of Montclair State University, focuses on developing scientific and statistical... see more

Created by Dr. Michael P. McLaughlin, this general, introductory tutorial on mathematical modeling (in pdf format) is... see more

The user is be able to change the mean and the standard deviation using the sliders and see the density change... see more

This applet, created by Ivo Dinov of the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem.... see more

This applet, created by Ivo Dinov of the University of California, Los Angeles, demonstrates the normal approximation to... see more

This interactive lecture activity, created by Carolyn Cuff of Westminster College, motivates the need for sampling. "Why... see more

This activity, created by Webster West of Texas A&M Univesity, illustrates the convergence of long run relative frequency... see more

This visualization activity combines student data collection with the use of an applet to enhance the understanding of... see more

In this game activity, students match correlation values with plots generated by the applet. Competition in this game... see more