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This model demonstrates convection currents and uses water, food coloring, a cup of very hot water and a votive candle as... see more

In this activity, students compute the strengths of the gravitational forces exerted on the Moon by the Sun and by the... see more

This demonstration shows that similar-appearing lights can be distinctly different, suggesting that the light emitted is... see more

Through a series of simple body movements, learners gain insight into the relationship between time and astronomical... see more

This fun and simple hands-on astronomy activity lets learners make 3-dimensional models of the Earth and Moon. Using the... see more

This is a collection of outreach resources about the Sun that are meant to be used in informal education settings. This... see more

This is an activity about color. Participants will use scientific practices to investigate answers to questions involving... see more

This is an activity about light and color. The lesson includes a demonstration to show why the sky is blue and why... see more

In this activity, students are introduced to the concept of remote sensing. In the course of this experiment, students... see more

A group of learners models the Sun shining on the Earth. By rotating the Earth, they demonstrate how the Sun only shines... see more

This video describes advances in remote sensing and information technology that can be used to provide real time weather... see more

This is the syllabus to a graduate-level course concerned with the study of current trends in geographically oriented... see more

The study of geology at the University of Colorado has a long and distinguished history, and in recent years they have... see more

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) polar-obriting satellites monitor the ozone levels around... see more

Provided by Iowa State University, the Partnerships to Advance Learning in Science: Java Simulations Web site contains... see more

SkIO is a multidisciplinary research institution within the University System of Georgia and is located on a 700 acre... see more

NOS measures and predicts coastal and ocean phenomena, protects large areas of the oceans, and works to ensure safe... see more

A curriculum development project for high school and undergraduate students that uses real-time environmental date to... see more

This web site contains Java Applets best suited for high school Physics Education.A very useful resourve especially for... see more

In this activity, students use mathematics to understand tides and gravitation and how gravity works across astronomical... see more

In this demonstration activity, students make structural models of gas molecules using pipe cleaners and polystyrene... see more

In this demonstration, students experience the Doppler effect for sound. Students can compute the frequency change for... see more

In this demonstration, a plastic soft drink bottle is used to demonstrate properties of gases and liquids with respect to... see more

In this experiment, students create a "lava lamp" - a beaker on a hotplate, and investigate buoyancy, convection and... see more