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This is an Online version of one of the the Exploratorium's (in San Francisco) most famous live exhibits-- dissecting a... see more

Students apply a solution to the heart by clicking the button "Add Solution" (agonists and antagonists). They can note... see more

An online simulation of a restriction digestion written in JavaScript. Students choose enzymes, DNA (or enter a DNA... see more

This site allows one to simulate a brain surgery. During the virtual brain surgery, the neurosurgeon explains the duty of... see more

Allows students to investigate how differences in population size, age-structure, and age-specific fertility and... see more

An entomologists delight, this site features a variety of bugs that can be viewed through a simulated SEM.

In this online activity, learners design a new giant panda habitat for Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. Learners must balance the... see more

A collection of online tutorials that incorporate analysis of data into the classroom.

This fun activity allows you to race against time trying to replicate an organism's DNA. Afterward you can see if your... see more

ELISA, part of the Immunology Lab, description reads: "Components of the immune system called antibodies are found in the... see more

Exploitation Ecosystems is an introduction to classical theory on 3-trophic level food chains, across a gradient of plant... see more

Students randomly sample finches from six different islands and record depths of the birds' beaks. Students then use... see more

In this outdoor activity, learners use artificial bees and paper models of flowers to find out how bees transfer pollen... see more

In this outdoor activity, learners design devices that will catch prey or gather plants. After testing their devices,... see more

Foodweb Kerplunk is a game about species relationships. Playing as a town councilmember in suburban California, you try... see more

This activity (on page 2 of the PDF) is a full inquiry investigation into how hairs from a crime scene are matched to... see more

ForensicEA is a simulation program that models the evolution of viruses. Using the program a patient is infected with a... see more

ForestNPP is a simple calculator that estimates forest net primary productivity, before and after climate change... see more

'Frog Dissection from Punflay, is a greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom. This iPad app is... see more

This is a great animation / simulation from the Wisconsin Online Series for fruit classification and identification.  The... see more

Functional Response extends Predator/Prey (another Merlot learning tool) by adding Types I, II, and III functional... see more

This simulation illustrates the interaction between migration and genetic drift. Users may select from three different... see more

This simulation illustrates the interaction between mutation and genetic drift. Users may select from three different... see more

Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in the basic laboratory technique of gram... see more