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Basic Microbiology laboratory for upper division college students with color diagrams and very simple instructions. The... see more

This is Dr. Alan Cann's blog on current, open-access research papers in virology, molecular mechanisms of viral disease... see more

This video surveys the stages required to move a protein into the mitochondria. During the movie, the narrator focuses on... see more

Eukaryotic genes generally contain introns which have to be removed after transcription. This video contains information... see more

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCIS). The Nucleotide database is a collection of sequences of animals,... see more

Within this information site, one will be able to learn about how neurons look, how they transmit messages in the brain,... see more

This site is hosted at the Kirkwood College of Osteopathic Medicine. The emphasis is on medically significant... see more

'NEB Tools brings New England Biolabs’ most popular web tools to your iPhone. Use Enzyme Finder to select a restriction... see more

Contains a video of a neutrophil chasing and phagocytizing a bacterium taken from a 1950's film.

A collection of online games related to topics in science, including malaria, the genetic code, and DNA.

'This application was designed as a tool for students to learn about the processes of glycogen, carbohydrate, lipid and... see more

This is the beginning of an inquiry lab to find the salt content of onion cells.  Throughout the lab, students will have... see more

The oxidase test is used in aiding the identification of bacteria that produce cytochrome c oxidase, an enzyme of the... see more

protozoa; Paramecium, darkfield microscope; microscope

Pasteur's papers documenting his experiments and the application of the germ theory to science.

Video detailing discovery of penicillin

This animation shows how microorganisms are phagocytized using various receptors. 

This website provides detailed steps of the Krebs Cycle through an animation. 

Citrobacter braakii (C. braakii) is widespread in nature, mainly found in human urinary tract. The current study was... see more

This website supplies an animation defining the process of plasmid cloning. Students can either select the step-through... see more

Once the mRNA molecule is transported to the cytosol, ribosomes begin to translate the mRNA sequence into amino acids.... see more

Scientists use a microautoradiogram to determine the percentage of living cells in a sample. This animation will detail... see more

This is a narrated YouTube video that describes the process of how phagocytic cells and B-cells engulf foreign material,... see more

This animation provides a step-through mode or a narrated mode covering the process of protein secretion. It gives a... see more