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These open teaching materials are being utilized in a Marine Survival course for undergraduate students by Captain Britt... see more

This is an instructor textbook covering the required objectives for the certified mission critical operator exam.

This book is designed for first-year students in a Mission Critical Operations degree or certificate program who require... see more

This is a video animation of the Explosion of the BP refinery. This 5+ minute video just documents the facts as known... see more

Texto explicativo del porque usar extintores portátiles en su lugar de trabajo u hogar.

You tube video of the August 10, 2008 as taken by some amatuer videographers. Their speculation and comentrary give a... see more

This is a simulation of the building damages to the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th. Structural damages... see more

SkillsCommons is a free and open online library of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Workforce Development.  ... see more

Ask The Builder explains how sprinkler systems work. "Automatic fire sprinklers can be installed in a new home or your... see more

Two person student teams will prepare brief (10-page) point papers critiquing some aspect (self-selected) of federal... see more

Two-person student teams will prepare a brief (10-page) point paper critiquing some aspect of state hazard mitigation... see more

This presentation provides a refresher on basic ventilation techniques used by the fire service. It covers basic... see more

"Nine hours into a fire involving 40 vertical storage tanks burning at a wholesale chemical distribution center,... see more

This site is part of the "Fire Wiki" hosted by the Open Fire Academy. Reference material can be updated and changed,... see more

This animation depicts the events leading up to the fire at Chevron's Richmond California Refinery

"Fire apparatus and emergency equipment must respond in any weather, extreme heat, bitter cold, flooding, dusty... see more

This article on the Home builder Appeal to the residential sprinkler decision is a good case study on the code process.

A case study (story) of an employee suffered electrical burns in a construction-related accident at a high school.

We all have heard the story of the boy who cried "wolf," in which a sheepherder continually calls for help for a... see more

This book investigates why, despite more and more resources devoted to safety training, expectations are not entirely... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by  Topics include: 1. Biomass Properties and Prediction Tools for... see more

Boilover explosion in Texas from a History Channel commentary. Hosted by Flashover TV

This is a complete course syllabus, including instructor guides and powerpoint presentations. It comes from the FEMA... see more

Jim Pharr explores burn patterns. A burn pattern has a line of demarcation where charred materials are very close to the... see more