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D-Lab Health provides a multidisciplinary approach to global health technology design via guest lectures and a major... see more

This course provides a broad overview of diverse topics in the practice of and approaches to humane animal... see more

This site provides educational information on potential biological weapons, considered in an epidemiologic and public... see more

This is a discussion-based interactive seminar on the two major issues that affect Sub-Saharan Africa: HIV/AIDS and... see more

In this course, lectures and small group discussions focus on ethical theory and current ethical issues in public health... see more

Focuses on ethical theory and current ethical issues in public health and health policy, including resource allocation,... see more

This course introduces issues and programmatic strategies related to the development, organization, and management of... see more

Emergency Management Training offered by FEMA (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency).  According to the website "The... see more

Familiarizes and engages the student with the process of developing policies.

The Atlas currently includes 90 indicators of the food environment in the US. The year and geographic level of the... see more

'The Global Health eLearning Center offers courses aimed at increasing knowledge in a variety of global health technical... see more

This site provides an introduction to global tobacco control. Presents the health and economic burden of tobacco use... see more

This article examines the effects of global warming that are becoming present in human health. This article also explains... see more

This website contains free tools, lists, list-servers, web-hosting, petitions, etc. for tobacco control and research.... see more

The publication contains the first set of guidelines adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its Second (2007) and... see more

Introduces and examines the basic prinicples which guide growth and development and the health of individuals across the... see more

Provides students with conceptual tools to analyze health-related behaviors and the social, cultural and environmental... see more

Save time managing your health care. The UnitedHealthcare Health4Me mobile application is designed to help you manage... see more

Healthcare Dive is the best way to stay connected with changes in healthcare industry. Quickly browse the latest news,... see more

This is a TED-Ed video that helps launch a series on how things work.  In our increasingly globalized world, a single... see more

This is a free, online textbook/course that was designed to prepare students "to communicate during their internships in... see more

This class provides a space for medical students and MD/PhD students, as well as HASTS (History, Anthropology, Science,... see more

Examines the path of the avian influenza and examines how it could impact world health.

This training examines the path of the avian influenza and examines how it could impact world health. This presentation's... see more