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The Springfield Studio is a practicum design course that focuses on the physical, programmatic, and social renewal of an... see more

Human beings are symbol-making as well as tool-making animals. We understand our world and shape our lives in large part... see more

How can the individual be at once cause and consequence of society, a unique agent of social action and also a social... see more

Using examples from anthropology and sociology alongside classical and contemporary social theory, this course explores... see more

This course focuses on developing and refining the skills that will you need to express your voice more effectively as an... see more

This class introduces fundamental issues in sculpture such as site, context, process, psychology and aesthetics of the... see more

This course surveys questions about human behavior and mental life ranging from how you see to why you fall in love. The... see more

This course is an introduction to the mammalian nervous system, with emphasis on the structure and function of the human... see more

This course covers the relation of structure and function at various levels of neuronal integration. Topics include... see more

Survey of principles underlying the structure and function of the nervous system, integrating molecular, cellular, and... see more

This course is the second half of the intensive survey of brain and behavioral studies for first-year graduate students... see more

This class is the second half of an intensive survey of cognitive science for first-year graduate students. Topics... see more

This course explores the major areas of cellular and molecular neurobiology, including excitable cells and membranes, ion... see more

This course highlights the interplay between cellular and molecular storage mechanisms and the cognitive neuroscience of... see more

This comprehensive course on the visual system is designed to ground future researchers in the field of visual science... see more

Surveys general principles and specific examples of motor control in biological systems. Emphasizes the neural mechanisms... see more

This course emphasizes statistics as a powerful tool for studying complex issues in behavioral and biological sciences,... see more

This course emphasizes statistics as a powerful tool for studying complex issues in behavioral and biological sciences,... see more

Surveys the literature on the cognitive and neural organization of human memory and learning. Includes consideration of... see more

This course explores the cognitive and neural processes that support attention, vision, language, motor control,... see more

Lectures and discussions in this course cover the clinical, behavioral, and molecular aspects of the brain aging... see more

Designed for students without previous experience in techniques of cellular and molecular biology, this class teaches... see more

This course, as a part of MIT's Center for Neurobiological Engineering curriculum, explores cutting-edge neurotechnology... see more

This course considers the process of neurotransmission, especially chemicals used in the brain and elsewhere to carry... see more