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This is a performance task assessment that allows for assessment of student knowledge of the plate tectonic theory. This... see more

The book is comprehensive, dealing first with reserves of anthracite and with related petrography. Culm – anthracite... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The book is comprehensive, dealing first with reserves of anthracite and... see more

This document outlines the capabilities of the finite element method in the analysis of slope stability problems. A... see more

This paper, written by M. Cigla, S. Yagiz and L. Ozdemir, presents and discusses case studies of tunnel boring machines... see more

Aquifer basics outlining the makeup of the basin and range aquifers. Description and maps of unconsolidated sand and... see more

This site, produced by the United States Geological Survey, is all about aquifers. Many different types of aquifers are... see more

Students describe the hydrogeologic properties of different sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

This website from ArcGIS Online provides a number of forums for users of the ArcGIS program. Forums are available for... see more

This document provides a tutorial which will help users learn to use ArcMap. Five exercises are included which will give... see more

Presented by the Arizona Solar Center, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of solar energy. Provides... see more

This portal provides links to a variety of information on the United States Geological Survey (USGS). There is a brief... see more

Assemble a regional geologic history by compiling observations made a several sites.

This mineral database, fro Pierre Perroud of the University of Geneva, contains mineral lists, mineral pictures, and... see more

The numerical methods, formulation and parameterizations used in models of the circulation of the atmosphere and ocean... see more

A large collection of solar images and information. Includes an illustration and explanation of the refraction of light... see more

Hosted by Arizona State University, this site contains balloon photographs taken from above the Apache Junction. A series... see more

This is a free, online textbook.  According to the author, "The main theme of this book is to take a good quality... see more

This site, produced by the University of the West of England, Bristol, contains undergraduate level interactive resource... see more

A trade association that promotes the use of small hydropower. Members include industry equipment manufacturers, civil,... see more

This interactive feature explains Darwin's theory of how low-lying coral islands called atolls form in tropical seas from... see more

Students determine what building stones are most appropriate in a climate similar to Washington, DC by examining stones... see more

Sarah Andrews is a geologist who has also written a series of successful mystery novels featuring (naturally) a geologist... see more

Capillary Action: In this section of USGS Water Science for School's you will learn how capillary action is important for... see more