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This animation focuses on plant growth and how plants sense and respond to their environment. In particular, this... see more

In this animation, the movement of molecules across the cell membrane is discussed. The various modes of distribution... see more

In this animation, the narrator discusses the various organelles contained in a eukaryotic organelle such as the nucleus,... see more

This animation examines how the concentration levels of lactose determine when the expression of the lac operon... see more

A nerve cell receives, conducts and transmits signals. Neurons propagate signals in the form of action potentials. This... see more

This animation describes how a synapse works and how a synapse converts electrical signals of the action potential in the... see more

This animation supplies information on the source for differences in blood pressure such as systolic and diastolic... see more

This site provides an animation on time-compensated solar compass. The animation illustrates an experiment that tests... see more

In this animation lesson, students will examine the classic experiments on spontaneous generation performed by Francesco... see more

This animation gives a step-through depiction of how a nonspecific inflammatory response is triggered when a splinter... see more

Vaxminder is a handy mobile app offered by Pfizer, Inc that "is a combination information, reminder, and record‐keeping... see more

This site provides information about DNA chip technology. In the introduction, basic material about DNA chips is... see more

HIV destroys cells within the immune system, causing the body to be susceptible to a multitude of diseases and... see more

This animation presents information as to how a plant cell harvests light and how various components such as... see more

This site begins with an introduction that explains the evolution of angiosperms as well as the origin of its name and... see more

A DNA library is a collection of one organism’s DNA fragments that are stored within a host organism. This animation... see more

The function of the mammalian kidney such as how it plays a role in removal of wastes and osmoregulation is studied in... see more

This site presents information about the ovarian and uterine cycles including the events that occur in the ovarian and... see more

This animation includes a step-through and narrated version that explains the importance of reflex arcs and how these... see more

This site provides two interactive activities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, includes... see more

This site includes two actitivities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, provides information... see more

This site examines the steps involved in meiosis, a process in which a parent cell divides to produce cells with half the... see more

Metabolic processes concern the entire organism. Metabolic processes are not evenly distributed between the different... see more

Metabolism is an assortment of reactions where biomolecules are broken down and converted to useful forms. This animation... see more