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This is a web-quest for social studies on the Columbian Exchange.  This can be used when studying the European Explorers... see more

Communication and Intergenerational Classrooms

This lesson allows students to playfully understand algorithms and complexity. 

Lesson focuses on cloud computing, another buzz word that has come up in today’s world of computers. Though there are... see more

This lesson provides a number of kinesthetic exercises that illustrate how teamwork can contribute to efficient problem... see more

This website is an explanation of constructivism and Merrills First Principle

Connecting Constructivism Theory, 21st century skills, and instructional design.

Connecting Constructivism Theory, 21st century skills, and instructional design.

Exploration and application of constructivist learning theory and Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction instructional models in... see more

A constructivist learning environment for foreign language learning. It is a class assignment designed based on... see more

A presentation of a constructivist learning environment. It is a class assignment.

Lesson explores the engineering behind the conveyor belt and considers the impact this invention has had on... see more

This is  a valuable set of lessons and worksheets around counting money.

Lesson focuses on how computerized barcodes have improved efficiency in product distribution; explores the barcoding... see more

Lesson focuses on issues civil engineers face, including critical load and how to reinforce the design of a structure to... see more

An introductory course to Arduino for technical high-school students

Finding your essay to be one of the toughest tasks you have ever done in your entire academic life? Well, you are not... see more

A StAIR design comparing bullying face-to-face and cyberbullying. Information is provided about each type of bullying.... see more

Assist students in evaluating and looking for cyberbullying, what to do if they feel threatened or suspect their friends... see more

This is a project where students practice using search engines to gather information to be presented as a brochure about... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering behind building framing for structures, and explores examples of geodesic domes and... see more

Demonstrate how product design differences can affect the success of a final product -- in this case a bag for holding... see more

It is a blog community. Here, you can re-use, revise and share examples of constructivist learning environments.