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With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Learning & Performance Support Laboratory at the University of... see more

What is ethno-mathematics? The term describes the mathematical practices of identifiable cultural groups. This website... see more

Back in the late 1990s, the Scout Report first reported on this site, which was a collection of useful mathematics... see more

This introduction to cryptography is a collection of applets including: "Let's Make A Deal," "Let's Make a Deal II,"... see more

Introduction to applied linear algebra and linear dynamical systems, with applications to circuits, signal processing,... see more

'Ximarc Studios Inc is proud to bring you Khan Academy Chemistry 2 (videos 21-40). Khan Academy Chemistry allows students... see more

This applet, created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, allows students to explore three methods for... see more

This is a basic course, produced by Gilbert Strang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on matrix theory and... see more

An extensive list of links to sites with information about linear algebra, classified by level and type of resource.

This site is all about magic squares and magic cubes, with an overview of number patterns.  It provides the history of... see more

What is Math4Mobile?   The Math4Mobile project examines the opportunities of ubiquitous and personal technologies for... see more

This is a math course, authored by Herbert Enderton of the University of California, Berkeley, aims at students with life... see more

This site, created by Math Museum, may look simply, but anyone interested in mathematics should try this selection of... see more

This collection of podcasts is a series dedicated to talking about unusual and particularly interesting aspects of math... see more

Shockwave whiteboard movies on algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, the mathematics of finance, and more. A... see more

Educational technologies continue to press onwards and upwards, and screencasts would seem to be one of the latest trends... see more

This site includes a number of mathematical lessons that help to illustrate historical math concepts. Each link provides... see more

This graduate-level course, created by Gilbert Strang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a continuation of... see more

This free statistical modeling software designed by Causasientia is to be used for the Macintosh. The software performs... see more

This site includes a number of mathematical lessons that relate directly to physics topics. Each link provides a short... see more

Created by the University of Texas's Department of Mathematics, mp_arc is an electronic archive for research papers in... see more

Most people might be aware that mathematics finds its way into a number of instructional programs and courses that are... see more

This is the MERLOT Mathematics Community Portal, an educational resource for teaching and learning. The... see more

Created by Richard B. Thompson and Christopher G. Lamoureux at the University of Arizona to fulfill business students'... see more